Different Types of Control Panels

October 23, 2006 / Industry News Web Hosting

A) cPanel –

It is one of the most commonly used control panels that includes adding/removing email accounts, managing Mysql databases, check statistics of the website etc.

It is mostly used on Linux O.S. For further information of its features, you can check the following site –

site – http://www.cpanel.net

B) Plesk –

It is can be used for both Linux/Windows servers. Its interface is similar to Windows XP. However, its features are quite similar to cpanel.

Site – http://www.sw-soft.com

C) H-Sphere –

This is a version released by Positive Software. H- Sphere is available for both Linux/Windows O.S., it is loaded complete key functionality.

Site – http://www.psoft.net

D) Ensim –

It aims to provide support for windows/linux O.S., it has a capability to manage any types of websites. Its interface is quite compact compared to other competitors.

Site – http://www.ensim.com

E) DirectAdmin –

It aims to provide support to linux O.S. Their features are quite similar to cPanel. There are no such additional features that should have been a part of it.

Site – http://www.directadmin.com

F) Interworx –

It mainly supports Linux as an operating system, they provide usage snapshots on their site, and the interface is well-organized.

Site – http://www.interworx.info

G) Helm –

It provides support to the Windows operating system. It supports standard features. Billing information can be viewed.

Site – http://www.webhostautomation.com/products/helm

H) Hosting Accelerator –

It mainly supports windows server, it lacks many features common to others, it is not at all user-friendly.

Site – http://www.hostingaccelerator.com

I) InsPanel –

A windows-server supporting control panel. It has many features to be listed, it is well-organized.

Site – http://www.inspanel.com

J) CWIPanel –

It features are the same like any other control panel. It only supports windows server.

Site – http://www.cwipanel.com

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  1. Web hosting control panels differ mainly by how easy they are to use versus how complex and full featured they are. The best way to determine which is the right control panel for your hosting needs is to test them out. Some web hosts have the demo of their control panel that allows you to login and test them out while some web hosts have a web hosting control panel tutorial that lets you to see the various features and functions that are included with their control panel.

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