Disk Space and Bandwidth

Disk Space and Bandwidth

If you have a website and want to host it on the server, you need to look for a good web hosting server. When you are choosing a web hosting server, there are many things that you should consider. Some of the most important things include the web server disk space that is allocated by the web host provider in your hosting plan, and the bandwidth that your website needs. These two components are vitally important to keep your website running smoothly on the internet.

Disk space is basically the size allocated by your web hosting service for your complete website and a lot of spare space for its future growth. Each and every data present on your website has to be stored somewhere on the web server. The size of a single web page is generally very small.

However, the associated images, databases, audio-visuals and other multimedia files, graphics including the graphical advertisements and the web scripts take up large amounts of disk space. Bandwidth on the other hand is the amount of data the web hosting server will allow your website to send and receive over the internet in a particular time period. Both disk space and the bandwidth or data transfer are measurable and are usually measured in gigabytes now-a-days.

Web hosts service providers generally provide you with either a large amount of web space or the bandwidth. It would be ideal to have both in plenty. However, if this is not the case, you will have to find the correct balance. To decide how much web space and bandwidth you require, you must first decide what kind of website you have.

If you have a small website with only a few web pages that mostly focuses to just sell one or two product and are not targeting huge web traffic, then you will require little disk space and bandwidth. This kind of a website generally has the details of the products, an order page, and a contact page and other legally required web pages.

This kind of website does not need a lot of web space. However, if this kind of website has a good rank in the search engine results, has a large number of affiliates promoting your products and is generating a lot of traffic, then having a high bandwidth becomes very important.

If your website is a little larger, which is around 15-20 web pages, for example, describing your company policies and what the company does, its products or services, an About Us page, a contact page, and less amount graphics, then it does not require a lot of web space or bandwidth. For this type of a website the default package offered by the web hosting company is generally good enough.

High-quality popular websites that focus on a specific niche topic and is updated often with new content and resources will need great amount of disk space as well as the bandwidth. It probably would not need a lot of web space or bandwidth at the beginning.

However, its web space requirements will increase once the website grows. Also, as the web traffic increases, the bandwidth size also becomes important. You have to plan, right from the beginning, and accordingly buy the disk space and the bandwidth.

If your website offers a large number of files for downloading and at the same time if many people are simultaneously downloading the same file, or if you have a gaming site, or a e-commerce website with lots of products and services for sale, and which is extremely popular online will need very large amount of disk space and immense amount of bandwidth. Normally, your web hosts service providers will charge you more fees, if you use more than the web space or the bandwidth allotted. There is a chance that your website will go offline immediately if you exceed your bandwidth limits.

So, you need to carefully keep an eye on the usage of web space and especially the bandwidth. The reason being it is much easy to control the disk space usage because it is you who decide how many web files should be there on the web host’s server. Controlling the bandwidth is not an easy job. Suppose, if your website get a good search engine rank and gets a lot of web traffic suddenly, then it will consume a lot of bandwidth and may even exceed the limit allotted to your website.

Therefore, you have to be prepared for all these types of web space and bandwidth related problems that you may face. Make sure that, you plan your website properly and then select the disk space and the bandwidth that suits your website. Furthermore, constantly keep an eye on how much disk space and bandwidth is being consumed by your website.

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