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September 11, 2009 / Industry News Web Hosting

Domain Registration Duration

Registrations are generally limited in time. A domain can not be “purchased”. Are common in both the first term of one year and renew automatically at the end. Most domains (not .Com and .Eu), larger intervals up to ten years.

Expire domain – perhaps because the payments are inevitable – they put in a 30 days or more continuous blocking state (English: redemption grace period), in which the owner has the option to reactivate it. Stay out of the reactivation, it is finally released after about five days.

Subsequent Changes

No changes to the registry data is normally carried out online. Via a secure web access with a password, the data can be edited by the holder at any time. An often difficult operation is the domain transfer, in which a domain is transferred to another registrar.

The latter is often referred to as the Provider exchange, as it is transmitted through the domain transfer domain, almost always from a service provider to another or the new registrar at the same time, the new service provider is.

Anonymous Domain Registration

A controversial issue within the current registration practice is to publish personal information about domain owner and its administrative and technical representation in the central database of the top-level domain.

Information such as postal address or email address are available via the Whois service by anyone and potentially abuse, such as professional address collectors suspended. On the other hand in case of possible violations of the domain holder as abusive registration of foreign brand name) (this legally be tangible, so have a particular address to service.

A compromise solution is the anonymous registration. The registrar shall fix one’s own data or data from third parties instead of the customer information.

Through a special contractual relationship with the client remains anonymous yet in possession of the domain, even if he is not even listed in the WHOIS database. The registrar acts as a trustee on the sales order.

Historically Important Domains

The world’s first registered domain was It was registered on 1 January, 1985.

The company Symbolics registered on 15 March 1985, as the first dot-com domain with the name In 1985, a total of 6 dot-com domains were registered. In 1986, 54 dot-com domains were registered, and in 1987, 47 dot-com domains were registered.

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