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Domain Transfer Procedure

Domain Transfer Procedure

If you are working towards consolidating your domain portfolio, below are answers to our most frequently transfer questions for “.com, .org, .net and” domain names.

1. How long does it take to transfer my .com, .org, .net domain to new registrar?
Ans: Once submitted and confirmed by the administrative contact, it takes approximately 5 to 7 days to complete a transfer.

2. What if the administrative contact email is not active?
Ans: ICANN requires the administrative contact listed on the WHOIS record of the domain name to confirm the transfer; therefore, if the administrative contact address is no longer active, you must first update your current email with the original registrar.

3. Once I have removed the Registrar Lock on my domain, how long do I have to wait to transfer it?
Ans: Registrar Lock takes 12 to 24 hours to show-up as removed; only when this occurs is the domain name transferable.

4. How long do I have to wait to transfer my domain name if it was recently registered?
Ans: For a newly registered domain name you need to wait at least 60 days before transferring. For a domain name recently transferred to a new registrar, you will have to wait at least 30 days to transfer to different registrar.

5. My transfer failed, even though the admin contact confirmed it with new registrar, why?
Ans: Your transfer likely failed for one of two reasons: your current registrar either denied the request or did not release the domain to new registrar in time causing the transfer to time out. Contact your current registrar and inquire why the transfer out failed to occur.

6. Your systems require I submit an AUTHCODE for my .COM,.ORG, .BIZ and .INFO at the time of transfer. What is an AUTHCODE and where do I find it?
Ans: An AUTHCODE is a security feature for .COM,.ORG, .BIZ and .INFO domain extensions which prevent the unlawful transfer of your domain name. AUTHCODE’s are typically alpha-numeric code, and are unique to each domain name. AUTHCODE’s are sometimes called EPP Keys or AUTH KEYS. To get the AUTHCODE for your domain names contact your current registrar.

7. What will I need while transferring .CO.UK to the new registrar?
Ans: While transferring .CO.UK, .UK domains you have to contact your current registrar to change the IPS tag to the new registrar. The IPS-Tag is a single alpha-numeric sequence, in uppercase, sometimes hyphenated.

8. Something has gone wrong with my transfer and I need to contact my current registrar, is this something new registrar can do for me?
Ans: Unfortunately new registrar can not contact your current registrar on your behalf. For security purposes, domain registrars only provide information to the domain’s Administrative Contact.

9. My Transfer failed; do I need to resubmit it all over again?
Ans: Yes, if you have received a notice stating that your transfer has failed and been refunded, you will need to re-submit the transfer as you did originally.

10. When my domain name transfers will my DNS be affected?
Ans: No your DNS settings will remain the same as they were at your previous registrar, however please note if your previous registrar was your hosting company they may cancel your hosting once the domain name is moved from them. In this case you may wish to consider pointing DNS setting to the new hosting provider.

11. Will the one year renewal be automatically applied to my domain name?
Ans: Yes the one year renewal that is included with all Registrar transfers is added by the registry when the domain is transferred to your new registrar.

12. Before transferring my domain name I renewed it at my previous registrar. Now that the domain name has been transferred over, I’ve noticed the expiration date does not reflect the renewal from my previous registrar plus the one year from the transfer. What do I do?
Ans: Contact your pre-transfer registrar and find out if they applied the renewal you paid for to your domain name. The registry automatically adds an additional year during the transfer process, therefore there is no chance your domain did not receive this extension. Consequently, any missing years were most likely not applied by your previous registrar, in which case you owe a refund.

13. Can additional years beyond the standard one be added during the transfer process?
Ans: Unfortunately only one year can be added during the transfer; however you can always renew the domain name for additional years once it has successfully transferred over.

14. How many emails can an Administrative Contact expect to confirm during the transfer process?
Ans: The administrative contact will receive an email from the new registrar to confirm the transfer. The administrative contact may or may not also receive an email from their current registrar.

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