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Do’s and don’t for Webmasters

Do’s and don’t for Webmasters

Do’s and don’t for Webmasters

Trust your Web hosting provider: Mutual trust is the key to success. Haste and distrust may produce unfavorable results.

Retain a visitor: It is easier to attract a user to your Web site. However, it is quite challenging to retain a visitor. A viewer always looks for something new on the site. If he notices no new content, images, etc he would never return to your site.

Howsoever little time you may have at your disposal, you must add/change something on your site which is easily noticeable. It gives the viewers an impression that they are browsing a live site.

Communication is utmost essential: Whenever a user sends an e-mail to you, he expects response, a real prompt reply. It is very important to send him a reply right away. If you are receiving a big bulk every day, you may think of delegating the job to some reliable agency. Not only does this impress your customers but it establishes that you care for them. Promptness of response certainly adds value to business.

Off-site backups: A prudent Webmaster would always take a backup of the Web site. It will be stored at his own physical location or on a Web server in a different geographical region than the location of his Web hosting provider.



  1. Bob

    Make it visible and noticeable to your visitors that there is a good management team behind your site. When visitors find your physical address on the contact page, management team photograph and office/premises they start trusting on you.

  2. Edward

    SEO is a way that you can be able to retain your visitors. The visitors usually bookmark a site and visit it again those which are well optimized for relevant search terms.

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