Do/While Loop

Do/While Loop

How do/while loop works

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echo “Sorry, no records were found!”;



There are a number of new features introduced here, but they’re quite simple. First, there’s the mysql_fetch_array() function. This is exactly the same as mysql_fetch_row() with one nice exception: Using this function, we can refer to fields by their names (such as $myrow[“first”]) rather than their numbers. This should save us some headaches. We’ve also introduced a do/while loop and an if-else statement.

The if-else statement says that if we can assign a row to $myrow, then continue; otherwise skip to the else section and do what’s in there.

The do/while loop is a variation of the while() loop we used on the last page. We need the do/while loop here for a very good reason: With the initial if statement, we assigned the first row returned by the query to the variable $myrow. If at this point we executed a regular while statement (such as while ($myrow = mysql_fetch_row($result)), we’d be kicking the first record out of the variable and replacing it with the second record. But the do/while loop lets us test the condition after the code has been run once. So there’s no chance of us accidentally skipping a row.

Finally, if there are no records returned at all, the statements contained in the else{} portion will be executed. To see this portion in action, change the SQL statement to SELECT * FROM employees WHERE id=6 or something else that will return no records.

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