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As I researched more in seo related topics, I again came across a new term in SEO galaxy i.e. E-BOOK.

It is nothing but a electronic version of a book. This term can be referred to both to either an individual work in a digital format, or a hardware device used to read books in digital format.

E-book device is emerging and now technology has a totally new way of outlook.

The term e-text is often used synonymously with the term e-book, and is also used for the more limited case of data in ASCII text format excluding books in proprietary file formats. An exception to this rule is the academic e-text, which commonly includes components such as facsimile images, apparatus criticus, and scholarly commentary on the work from one or more editors specially qualified to edit the author or work in question.

An e-book is commonly bundled by a publisher for distribution (as an e-book, an ezine, or an Internet newspaper), whereas e-text is distributed in plain text, or in the case of academic works, in the form of discrete media such as compact discs. Metadata relating to the text are sometimes included with e-text (though it appears more frequently with e-book). Metadata commonly include details about author, title, publisher, and copyright date; less common are details regarding language, genre, relevant copyright conventions, etc.





  1. Edward

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