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Effective Use Of Fonts In Web Design

Effective Use Of Fonts In Web Design

Effective Use Of Fonts In Web Design

As a web designer always use the fonts which look really very professional, if you use wrong web font your pages may not look attractive enough. Choosing a new font is a bit more complex then it may sound. So how will you decide which web site font to use :

1. Analyze the character of your website : for most websites you would use a large or fancy font for your header to capture  your visitors attention and a smaller web font for body text. While using fancy font make it sure that it  is available on most of the computers and it can be viewed by all the visitors.

2. Search engine compatibility : fonts used within images can be seen on all computers, however it can’t be read by the search engines. They can only “read” text. When designing images always use the “alt” tag to convey what your image is about. Try to include appropriate keywords in your web site copy. This will help the search engines index your site.

3. Overall, there are a few different forms of fonts available. Usually, this consists of :

Serif ( also called generic)- such as Times New Roman, Georgia, Palatino Linotype, Trebuchet MS

Sans serif- such as Arial, Helvetica, Verdana, and Geneva

Mono- spaced ( also known as typewriter style)- such as Courier New, Lucinda Console, Monaco and Andale Mono

Cursive ( also known as scripts, and informal)- such as Comic Sans,  Brush Script, Zapfino, and Marker Felt.

4. Utilizing Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) : these enable you to easily create a consistent font style across your entire web site. If you want to change the font on all your web pages, you just need to change one style sheet.CSS allows you to easily use comma-seperated list of fonts (ie Verdana, Arial,Helvetica, sans-serif). The browser will use the first one it comes to in the list that is installed. If none of the type faces in the list are available, it reverts to the default.

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