Electronic Commerce | E-Commerce or Ecommerce | Part 1

Electronic Commerce | E-Commerce or Ecommerce | Part 1

Electronic Commerce, E-Commerce, or Ecommerce

Electronic commerce, also referred to as e-commerce or eCommerce will incorporate the purchase as well as sale of goods and services by the use of electronic methods, for example the Internet along with other computer networks. Initially the word was used to the rendering of transactions by using electronic means in particular electronic data interchange, however with the arrival of the Internet as well as World Wide Web in the mid-90’s started to place emphasis mainly on the sales of products as well as services by way of Internet, as payment using electronic methods, for example credit cards.

The volume of trade carried out electronically is continuing to grow immensely ever since the spread of Internet. A number of trade is therefore inspiring the development and use of innovative developments for instance electronic funds transfer, the supply chain management, Online marketing, the online transaction processing (OLTP), electronic exchange data interchange (EDI) systems, stock management, as well as automated data collection.

The vast majority of electronic commerce requires the buying or / and selling of services or products between individuals and also businesses, nevertheless, a substantial proportion of electronic commerce requires the purchase of digital products (software and those that are mainly derived from software, content, and books), for example usage of high quality content for a website.

Electronic commerce carried out in between businesses is known as Business-to-business or B2B. The B2B could be available to any individual involved (as the trade of goods or raw materials), or perhaps restricted to certain pre-qualified participants (private electronic market).

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E-Commerce – Origin as well as historical progression

During the last years of the nineteenth century, the commercial enterprises including Montgomery Ward and Sears then started the catalog sales in the United States Of America. This method of promoting, groundbreaking for its time, is really a catalog associated with photos illustrating the items to trade. This enables much better reach among people, since there is no reason to entice customers to come th the brick and mortar stores. This helped the businesses to get to shoppers in countryside areas, and as soon as this process began there was a sizable volume of people allotted to the field.

Besides that, another essential factor to be aware is the fact that potential customers can select the merchandise in the comfort and ease in their residences with no help or even stress, as is the case of a merchant. The catalog sales got expanded with all the advance and advantages of using credit cards along with determining the connection of increased privacy in between the individual buyer and the merchant.

During the early 1970s, arrived the initial commercial associations which utilized a computer system to transmit information, for example purchase orders as well as invoices. This sort of exchange of information, while not standardized, resulted in far better production techniques within the private sector, like businesses within the similar industry. Throughout the mid-1980s, with the aid of television system, a fresh method of catalog sales, also referred to as direct sales began.

Therefore, the products are usually demonstrated with increased realism, and also the characteristics of the products can be exhibited by highlighting its features and benefits. Direct selling is done now by telephone and in most cases utilizing credit card payments. In 1995 associates of the G7/G8 countries took the initiative and developed a global industry for SMEs, to be able to speed up the usage of electronic commerce in between businesses globally.

Benefits of e-commerce – Business Benefits

Advancements in the distribution: The Internet offers certain kinds of solutions (the e-book sector, information products and services, as well as the digital products) to take part in the online market, where product sales or even the distribution expenses come to almost zero, as an example within the computer software industry, in which products and solutions is often provided instantaneously, thus slowly but surely lowering the dependence on intermediaries.

Business communications through electronic means: Presently, a lot of companies make use of the Internet to share information with their clients in regards to the organization in addition to the services or products, both by means of internal marketing and sales communications along with other companies as well as customers, making it simpler to create trade relations and customer support to be accessible round the clock, businesses can improve customer loyalty using an asynchronous dialogue that happens to the benefit involving both parties.

Operational advantages: doing business using the Internet decreases errors, time, as well as cost overruns in the management of information. Vendors greatly reduce their expenses in order to interactively gain access to the database which offers more business opportunities, deliver to them through the same means, and lastly, evaluate the results of the concessions same way; additionally, it allows for the development of completely new markets segments, the rise in creating sales advantages, simpler to get into new and different markets easily, particularly in geographically remote areas, and reach the clients more rapidly.

Capability to retain customers: With the execution of protocols as well as effective communication strategies that permit the end user of the website of the business to raise inquiries, requests or just raise remarks with regards to services or products of the same, as well as if and only if these types of comments are appropriately dealt with, it is possible to generate an essential aspect in attaining customer loyalty thus increasing the re-purchase of goods and services, along with stretching the range of exposure in the marketplace.Dedicated Hosting

Utilization of e-commerce

Electronic commerce can be utilized in different places where documents are usually swapped in between businesses: purchases as well as acquisitions, financial markets, general industry, transportation, health care, legislation as well as collecting revenues or even taxes. We already have businesses utilizing electronic commerce to create the examples below:

  • Creating new routes of promoting as well as sales.
  • Access interactive product catalogs, price lists as well as brochures.
  • Direct sales as well as interactive products to sell or deliver to the customers.
  • Continuous service and Technical Support, enabling clients to find information themselves as well as obtain solutions to their issues by finding the information and applications needed to solve them.

The electronic commerce documents are generally exchanged as business activities in between trading associates. The advantages obtained with this method are: decrease in paperwork, manual labor, business transactions become much faster as well as more accurate, simpler as well as speedier access to the required information, and cutting down the requirement to rewrite the data in information systems — traditional or computerized systems.

The kinds of businesses that can reap some benefits considerably through the development of electronic commerce (E-Commerce) are:

  • Booking Strategy. Globally thousands of companies make use of a shared database to prepare transactions.
  • Stocks. Worldwide business acceleration associated with contacts between suppliers of stock.
  • Processing of orders of goods. Possibility of remote reference or verification by a neutral entity.
  • Insurance. Allows for data collection.
  • Easy communications between the suppliers of raw materials and the manufacturers. Thus saving considerable amounts of time to communicate as well as present and exchange critical information immediately.

E-commerce integration is a very important point to consider for any company that wishes to do business over the internet.


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