eNlight Cloud – Cloud Computing as it should be.

eNlight Cloud – Cloud Computing as it should be.

Today, eUKhost Ltd. introduces an entirely new cloud computing product called eNlight Cloud – a cost-effective, auto-scaling, pay-per-use cloud hosting solution. While pay-per-use sounds daunting, with eNlight Cloud, it allows you to pay only for the resources you may need and only pay for what you use, and so you will only be charged for what resources you use on your virtual machine.

And eNlight will intelligently auto-scale resources to meet the demand and needs of your eNlight Virtual Machine up to the maximum resources that you have allocated to pay for, in the event that those resources are required; for example in the event of peak traffic to your business or online website(s). It is pay-per-use done right. With eNlight Cloud, you are always in control so no nasty surprises at the end of your billing period.

How does eNlight Cloud work?

eNlight is an intelligent cloud computing platform that works on the hardware virtualisation technique, with eNlight residing between the system hardware and the operating system of virtual machines.

Resources (such as CPU and RAM) are automatically loaded as per the requirements of your virtual machine, with the resource scaling done automatically which is incredibly cost-effective, meaning eNlight Cloud will turn out to be a much more affordable solution to a dedicated or virtual private server.

The eNlight Cloud platform is powered with metering tools, which allows pay per use billing for eNlight Cloud customers, with resource usage statistics recorded every minute.

eNlight can intelligently detect when your virtual machine requires more capacity and resources, and will de-scale resources accordingly as required. This equates to a complete hosting solution while being cheaper than a virtual private or dedicated server, as for a large majority of server customers, not all the resources are used at any one time while a server is online, so you are not paying for resources you aren’t using unlike a virtual private or dedicated server.

eNlight Cloud comes with full root/administrator access.

Like a dedicated and virtual private server, eNlight Cloud comes with full root/administrator access, meaning you have full control over your eNlight Cloud VM while giving you the convenience of a managed server solution by our in-house technicians, as do our VPS and Dedicated Server hosting customers enjoy. While you have full control over your eNlight VM, you can also ask our technicians to install any necessary services or software you may require on your eNlight VM at any time.

eNlight comes with the eNlight Control Panel, which provides server management of your eNlight VM. eNlight is like a standalone virtual server and so you can easily go ahead and install cPanel or Plesk if you wish by choosing the CentOSCP template when setting up a new VM upon after ordering your eNlight, for the management of web-based applications and data, while having the benefits of the eNlight Cloud scaling technology.

There are no contract periods with eNlight.

eNlight comes with absolutely no time-bound contracts, which equates to greater flexibility and freedom on the duration of your eNlight Cloud service. You can shut down your eNlight Virtual Machine at any time and only pay for what you have used.

eNlight is a cloud environment.

With centralised storage and backup servers in the case of hardware failure, with eNlight, we are able to offer a 100% uptime guarantee for your eNlight VM which is represented in our 100% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA). This is the power of a centralised cloud hosting infrastructure.

eNlight Control Panel.

The eNlight Control Panel allows you to create and manage multiple virtual machines while leveraging the eNlight Cloud scaling technology with the power of a centralised cloud hosting infrastructure.

You can purchase multiple virtual machines running under eNlight right within the eNlight Control Panel.

What is eNlight suitable for?

eNlight is a perfect replacement for virtual private or dedicated server customers that are looking for a cloud computing alternative, with the benefits of our auto-scaling technology with the inherent cost-savings as a result.

You can easily have cPanel or Plesk as the control panel environment for website management on your virtual machine(s). If you are a web hosting provider, your customers being hosted on your servers with the eNlight backend will enjoy continuous speed and reliability irregardless of the resource requirements of your server. You can always ensure your eNlight service has adequate resources for any eventuality, for example in the event of a new product launch with your business.

Differences between eNlight and a standalone server?

eNlight is much like a virtual private server, using virtualisation techniques. Your eNight Cloud will consist of virtual machines and the resources of these virtual machines are managed automatically by eNlight in the background.

Like a virtual private or dedicated server, you will have full (root) access to your virtual servers allowing you to the same control and customisability as you’d expect on a standard virtual private or dedicated server from us or any other web hosting provider.

And of course, eNlight is fully managed too, so you can contact our senior technicians to install, update or upgrade any software or package you require on your virtual machines at any time.

How do I purchase eNlight Cloud or get further information?

You will find more information via our eNlight Cloud section of our company website, which is where you can also buy eNlight Cloud hosting. You can customise the resources you may need at any time throughout the lifespan of your eNlight VM on the page, prior to ordering (which are the maximum values of your VM). You can also change the maximum values of your VM (such as RAM and CPU) at any time.

If you have any questions, please contact our sales department. You can contact us via the client area, over the phone or talk to us over live chat.