eNlight vs VPS Server – Which one is Better?

eNlight vs VPS Server – Which one is Better?

eNlight is eUKhost’s new UK cloud hosting solution, designed to provide businesses with the facility to create new virtual machines in a highly reliable hosting environment as and when their needs dictate; UK VPS hosting services are well established and are designed to offer users their own dedicated web hosting environment such as that offered by a dedicated server within the confinements of a virtual hosting solution.

As eNlight is effectively offering VPS server hosting in a different medium, it is important for you to be aware of the differences between regular VPS server hosting and eNlight Cloud Server Hosting so that you are able to make an informed choice as to which solution is going to benefit your business the most.

As a way of ensuring that that there is a web hosting plan available for everyone, eukhost offers a wide range of web hosting plans to suit the varying needs of different businesses; VPS hosting plans are best suited to those that require a test environment in which they can develop their website because of the low price that is attached to most VPS hosting plans and even though eNlight can also be used for this purpose, the scalability and performance of the eNlight platform guarantees it to be one of the best platforms available for businesses that are looking for a stable platform on which they can run their live website.

When choosing between eNlight and VPS hosting you should consider what your specific needs are going to be such as whether you are going to be using it as a live environment or a test environment, as well as what your future resource demand is going to be; as a note you should always considering choosing resources that are greater than your requirement so that you have enough headroom if your website or server happens to suffer a load spike.

What can eNlight offer me over VPS hosting?

eNlight cloud hosting can offer you the following benefits over VPS server hosting:

  • 100% guaranteed uptime eNlight is able to offer all users 100% guaranteed uptime which means that your website will always be available to users and that any factors which could cause downtime have been taken into account and the necessary actions have been taken to ensure that they aren’t able to have any impact on the performance or operation of your website the eNlight cloud encompasses a large cluster of servers which have been pooled together to provide users with one large resource collection from which they can create their virtual machines, with spare capacity always present so that you can take advantage of the auto-scaling feature to increase certain resource aspects of your virtual machines as the load increases so that your VMs don’t crash the eNlight cloud is professionally managed so that any internal factors that could cause downtime are taken into account and that if any issues arise whether these are internal or external, they will be dealt with immediately as to ensure that they don’t affect the cloud or the uptime rate offered
  • Auto-scaling one of the major benefits of choosing eNlight over an ordinary VPS server is the auto-scaling feature offered which will automatically increase the resource of your virtual machines when the demand placed on them increases, therefore meaning that if your VMs begin to run low on resources then eNlight will automatically assign the additional resources required to your servers to prevent any downtime from occurring the auto-scaling feature will also reduce your VMs resource back to their pre-spike levels once demand has fallen so that you are only ever paying for the resources that you need or are using so that you aren’t wasting money, making eNlight highly cost effective
  • Cost-efficient because you are able to specify the precise allocations that you require of individual resources, eNlight is far more cost efficient than VPS hosting because you will never be left with excess resources as you can simply scale your VMs back down manually if you feel that they are have too many resources assigned to them when reviewing the options available for VPS hosting you will soon discover that you are only able to purchase pre-defined web hosting plans meaning that finding something that is the perfect fit won’t be possible in many cases, with you instead having to pay for something that provides you with allocations that are too much or too little for your needs.

What can VPS hosting offer me over eNlight hosting?

A VPS server hosting solution has the potential to offer you the following benefits over an eNlight cloud hosting solution:

  • Ideal test environment a VPS server represents the perfect test environment for any web developers looking for a low cost solution that provides them with a dedicated environment which they can tailor to their own exact requirements although a VPS server isn’t scalable like an eNlight virtual machine, you can still setup a VPS like an eNlight VM using any of the services and software that you see as necessary to allow your website to function properly
  • Hosting control panels a majority of web hosting providers are more than willing to offer a free cPanel web hosting control panel license with their Linux VPS hosting plans, making them an ideal solution for beginners that don’t necessarily have the knowledge required to manage a dedicated Linux hosting environment properly currently this option isn’t available with eNlight VMs, with users having to pay extra for the control panel license
  • Management although you will be provided with support for your eNlight virtual machines so that you are able to setup and configure them to meet your needs, but it is only with VPS server hosting that a fully managed solution is available which you can take advantage of to have your VPS modified to meet your needs without the need for any work from yourself furthermore, as a VPS hosting customer you can contact the 24×7 support team whenever you want if you require assistance or simply have a query.

For more details, you can check eukhost VPS hosting plans.