Ensuring Password Security for Your Server

Ensuring Password Security for Your Server

Password is the only thing that restricts a hacker to enter your web server and damage your data. In simple words, your server root password is your safeguard. Without the root password, you will not be able to log into your own server, and by mistake if your password goes into wrong hands, it may lead to extreme damage you can’t even imagine.

You can take all the possible measures to make sure your server root password is fully secure and safe.

  • Always create an easy to remember password, but something that is hard to remember or guess for others. It simply means that you should not use things such as your birthday date or your dog, cat names, the information which anyone can find on your Facebook profile.
  • Use more than 8 character to create your password. Some of the authentication systems will ask for entire pass phrases, however, at least 8 characters is normally sufficient.
  • Always use numerical digits, alphabets, uppercase, lowercase and even a symbol is fine when creating a root password.
  • Never use the dictionary words, because most of the brute force attacks are programmed to guess such passwords. Avoid using any dictionary words.
  • Create an unique password for your server access. Keep it unique, and never use it on another places.
  • Never share your password. Even, if you want to provide access for your partner, create a new one and limit the access to a particular environment on the server. Remove the user, once the work is done.
  • Every user, client or even you should have a strong password. Its your responsibility to ensure that the passwords are strong.

Following the above points will ensure that your dedicated server will be completey secure and can be accessed by others as well.