Error 1024 and Windows Vista

Error 1024 and Windows Vista

Hey, one more update for broadband users:

Error 1024 on Windows Vista:

1) Go to ‘Start’.

2) ‘Run’ >> ‘msconfig’.

3) Click on ‘Sartup’ on the tabs along the top.
4) Then under ‘Command’ try to find: C:\Program Files\Speedtouch\……

5) To make sure that it is ‘Speedtouch’, check that it says ‘Speedtouch’ and that it has a blue tick next to it.
6) Untick the blue tick from the box. Make sure the right one is selected or else this could harm your PC.

7) Then click on ‘Apply’ and then ‘Close’.

8) Restart your PC and wallah, no more error 1024!

9) Again do not try this if you are not sure about it as it can harm the computer.


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