Error 1024 Hardware Error ( For Win XP, 2000, NT, ME and 98)

Error 1024 Hardware Error ( For Win XP, 2000, NT, ME and 98)

This has been an ongoing issue with Tiscali BB users, Orange BB users and people who have BB and have Speedtouch modems and the new drivers.

The reason that the error appears is because the new drivers that you get are meant for Windows Vista and not Windows Xp or the other older Windows Operating Systems.

So to get that error resolved, try this, it will work for sure but do it carefully as you have to make changes in Windows Registry. Try it at your own risk and just follow the steps that are given here.

*Click on “Start up” tab:
*In the start up processes look for ” dragdiag.exe “,Please see to it that you find “C:\program files\thomson” next to it.
*Uncheck that option.
*Click ‘apply’ and ‘ok’
*Click ‘close’
*Restart system.

Please let me know if that works as it has worked for all the people that I have tried it with.

**( not sure if it works for Win 98)



  1. Mrs F

    I have two desktop computers OS Windows ME & Windows XP. We have just upgraded to Broadband and had the exact same message on both computers. I did as suggested on the Windows XP but on the Windows ME dragdiag.exe doesn’t appear when I do the above so everytime I switch on the computer Hardware Error 1024 box appears. It worked on Windows XP without a problem just wondered why I can’t find dragdiag.exe in the OP WIndows ME?

  2. Ted

    Did as you suggested, and Hardware Error 1024 box has gone from my screen. My OS is ME. I went over from Tesco dial up to Tesco BB on monday. No sooner got rid of that box when another appeared entitled: System Configuration Utility. Message read: “You are using the selective Startup for troubleshooting your system”. It also gave me the option of ticking a box if I didn’t want this message to appear again – I ticked the box.

    Another weird thing that’s happened since I went over to BB was that every other time I turned on my PC, I couldn’t get to my desktop. All I got was the PC make, Compaq, on the screen and that was it. The keyboard wouldn’t respond either. I would have to switch it off and restart it several times before the desktop came back, and that’s when the 1024 message reared its ugly head.

    However, since the 1024 message has gone, it hasn’t happened again – so far.

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