eukhost Introduces The enlight Cloud Hosting Resource Cost Predictor Tools For Linux And Windows VM’s

eukhost Introduces The enlight Cloud Hosting Resource Cost Predictor Tools For Linux And Windows VM’s

eUKhost Ltd. is pleased to introduce the eNlight iNtelligent Resource Predictor Tool that will help you estimate the costs that would be associated with your existing server or VM’s use if you switch to eNlight Cloud.

The tool gathers actual resource consumption data from your server / VM generating an XML file, which is then evaluated by our system to determine what your eNlight Cloud costs will be, based on your server’s / VM’s resource usage patterns. A major concern raised by customers interested in eNlight Cloud was regarding the pay-per-consumption model of eNlight, as it doesn’t have any fixed plans and the charges are based on resource usage; much like utility billing.

This concern is addressed by this new tool, developed by our R&D department; which is an easy and convenient solution for all those who want to understand the eNlight Cloud VM’s resource usage costs. We have developed separate applications for Linux- and Windows-based servers / VMs.

You can download this tool now from our eNlight Cloud Hosting section of our website, install it on your server by following the user guides provided by us and execute on your server.

The User Manual provides detailed instructions for downloading, installing and executing the application on your server (with separate manuals for Linux and Windows VMs). Once the application generates the XML file, simply upload the XML file to the eNlight Cloud Resource Predictor section of our website and the XML data will be parsed, generating a report about your server’s resource consumption pattern and the associated costs of the resources expected to be used by your eNlight VM.

If any of our customers require assistance with use of the application, please contact our sales department which will address any queries and also assist you with any other information that you may need.

Do you collect any personal information or store, gather or accumulate statistical information if I run this tool on my server?

Not at all. We respect your privacy. This tool aggregates resource usage information into an XML file (which is clearly visible to you; you upload this XML file on our website for our server-side application to parse the XML information).

The application then returns information back regarding your server’s usage and the associated costs of that usage.

Why did your R&D team develop this application?

It became clear to us that transparency is extremely important when our eNlight Cloud customers are trusting us and our eNlight Cloud system to automatically deduct credit based on eNlight Cloud VM usage.

This tool is primarily to be used by consumers that are interested in our eNlight Cloud platform but would like a much more accurate representation of their resource usage costs should they migrate their server or VM onto our eNlight Cloud platform.

What’s different with this and the predictor slider tool you already have on the eNlight Cloud website?

The difference is the slider tool on the website is only as accurate as the values you provide using the slider controls – and even then, we cannot accommodate to other factors and variables that would applicate to the costs associated with your eNlight Cloud VM. The eNlight iNtelligent Resource Predictor Tool solves this problem by running on your existing server or VM and aggregating resource usage information into XML data that is then parsed by our system to provide a more accurate representation of your costs on eNlight Cloud.

Is the tool completely accurate?

We cannot guarantee that it is 100% accurate; however our R&D division has worked extremely vigilantly to ensure the tool provides the most accurate representation of your server’s resource usages and the associated costs of the same resource usage on an eNlight Cloud VM. It is more accurate than our predictor sliders for eNlight Cloud on our website.

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