eUKhost Top Picks: 6 Must Have Mobile Apps for Small Business

eUKhost Top Picks: 6 Must Have Mobile Apps for Small Business

Mobile Apps for Business

If you’re looking for smarter ways to run your business, there are a wide range of mobile apps that can help you with all sorts of daily tasks, from managing your accounts, automating shipping, taking payments and more. In this post, we’ll show you six of the best mobile apps recommended by the eUKhost team.

1. Google’s G Suite

Most businesses will already have access to many of G Suite’s features through their personal Google account. These include documents, mail, face to face calls, presentations and various other apps. With a professional account, starting at just £3.30 a month, you get up to 30GB of storage, 24/7 support, professional business emails and advanced security to keep your online data secure.

G Suite enables you to share files and collaborate with your colleagues from wherever you have an internet connection including on mobile devices.

2. Quickbooks

You will have probably seen the ad for Quickbooks on TV. It’s an accounting app that simplifies the running of your business finances. It’s available in different packages catering for the self-employed all the way up to bigger enterprises.

Features include: integration with your business bank accounts, invoicing, bookkeeping, VAT and PAYE, budgeting, purchase orders and stock control. You can even upload images of receipts to your account so you don’t lose them.

Prices start at £6 a month – though at time of publication, there is a deal where you can get the first 6 months for as little as £2 a month. And of course, you can manage all your finances directly from your smartphone.

3. ShipStation

The success of Amazon Prime sends a clear message that today’s customers want their products delivered quickly. If you sell online, either from your own website or through Amazon or eBay, it makes sense to use a shipping solution that streamlines the process and which saves you time.

One app which does this is ShipStation. With a wide range of useful features, including order processing, custom label printing, delivery tracking, website integration, WooCommerce and Shopify compatibility and even Quickbooks integration, this app has everything you need to make shipping easy. Prices are from £7 a month for shipping up to 50 items. There is a range of bigger packages available.

4. Evernote

For businesses that need to research, make notes and share ideas, Evernote is the perfect solution. This user-friendly organiser is available as a phone app, PC download and as a web-based application, and any information you save is synced so it’s always up to date no matter what device you access it on.

Evernote enables users to capture web content and make written and oral notes which can be enhanced with links, checklists, tables and attachments. You can even make handwritten notes. All information can be organised, searched for and shared with collaborators. You can even chat with them live.

Basic plans, which have enough features for most freelancers and self-employed businesses, are free. For larger organisations needing more professional features, prices start at £10.99 per user, per month.

5. Inigo

The Inigo app has revolutionised the way we use business cards. In the past, we handed out a piece of card that carried little information and there was no way of knowing if it would be used – we just hoped for the best. With Inigo, cards are a thing of the past. Instead, you send a virtual card to a contact’s smartphone just by tapping your phone with theirs. This way, your card cannot be lost.

Not only does Inigo enable you to send out crucial contact information, it can be used to send contacts to specific landing pages on your website which you can use to generate leads. It can also be used to see how successful your cards are as you can track landing pages on Google Analytics.

Helpfully, the app also collects information about your contacts which can be exported to any CRM.

For individual use, the app is free. If you have a team of salespeople and want to collect data from each user into a unified CRM, then a business account will be necessary. Prices for these are in USD and start at $5.49 pp-pm.

6. Square

Square is the ideal solution for taking card and pin and contactless payments when on the go. It’s suitable for those who run stalls, restaurants and shops and for all those people who travel from customer to customer, such as window cleaners, mobile hairdressers or plumbers.

What’s great about Square is that it is you are only charged a small percentage of the money you take, similar to other card companies. This is 1.75% for chip and pin and contactless payments and 2.5% for keyed in, online or invoice payment. There are no start-up or monthly fees, and there is payment dispute assistance if you need it. The payment reader needs to be purchased and costs £36 plus VAT.


The six apps we have discussed here cover a range of functions that you may need to carry out in your daily business. The ones we have chosen enable you to carry out tasks in smart and efficient ways, saving you time, improving productivity and enabling your business to do more with less. Hopefully, you’ll find some of them useful for your business.

If mobile apps are your preferred way of managing your business, you may be interested to know that you can now manage your website using cPanel or Plesk mobile apps. If you run a business website and are looking for smart hosting options, visit our homepage to see our wide range of cPanel and Plesk packages.


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