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FAQ’s about WHMCS : An eCommerce Billing Software

FAQ’s about WHMCS : An eCommerce Billing Software

WHMCS is considered to be one of the very few complete billing solution for client management, billing & support solution for most of the businesses that are online today. It is basically an automated billing system designed and developed for handling almost everything ie. from sign-up to suspension. Thanks to its extraordinary business automation tools offered by WHMCS which provides full control over billing. This has been one of the widely used and trusted applications by various hosting providers may it be a small or mid-sized company that offers WordPress Hosting or a highly reputed host offering the latest in trend Cloud Hosting solutions, WHMCS has something or the other to suit almost every billing related requirements.

A Gist of Features offered by WHMCS :

  • WHMCS provides support for various different Currencies, Taxation , One Off & Recurring Invoices, Quotation or Estimates & Ticketing Support for Billing
  • Billing Automation – It offers an automated Payment Processing, Refunding, Fraud Verifications, Products or Domains Provisioning & Management
  • Simplicity of Usage – It offers an easy to understand and use GUI, Faster Setup & Efficient Support
  • Products Available – Offers Free, One-Time & Recurring, Prorata, Custom Fields, Email Templates, Stock Mgt & Promotions
  • Transactions Offered – More that fifty payment processing Gateways are supported, Income and Transaction Logs plus Statistical Reports can be generated
  • Support Offerings – An Integrated ticketing system, knowledge base, downloads, announcements & network issues tool is available with WHMCS
  • Support for Modules – Users can create, suspend, terminate, upgrade, add SSL Certificates, update nameservers, renew & much more.
  • Ease of Customization – Client & Admin Area Templates, Order Forms, Language Files & CSS Styling
  • Developer Friendly – Module Development Kits, Action Hooks & a Remote API

WHMCS Features explained in detail :

Billing Related-

  • The Automated Invoicing takes care of billing the clients on a recurring basis and groups the items due on a given day by a particular client all-together for reducing the gateway charges
  • You can generate invoices Manually hence allowing you to generate one-off invoices for any customized services been offered
  • Quotation and Estimates can be prepared and mailed across to prospective customers, whoch can later be converted into invoices with a single click of button incase the proposal is accepted
  • Automation of Payment Processing is available with every gateway
  • Support is offered for Taxation which enables both inclusive and exclusive tax, tax exemption offered to customers & products
  • Users can generate invoices in the form of PDF document hence enabling them to download it for there records or even take a print and retain a hard-copy for accounting purposes.
  • The service provider can send the invoices via. Email or Print the Invoices using a batch PDF generator functionality hence enabling you to print the invoices for users that require a hard-copy
  • Apart from automated billing, WHMCS also enables users to make a payment entry Manually in order to avoid the restrictions for online payment gateways. Payments can even be applied to particular accounts who have paid via. cheques, wire transfers, etc.
  • Issuance of Credit for a user account can be done via. an admin or a client which can later be included in the invoices in the upcoming payment cycles.
  • Flexi Promotions enables you to offer one time or recurring discounts over products or amounts depending on your organization commitments
  • Verified by Visa & MasterCard SecureCode is supported on particular payment processing gateways

Automation Offerings –

  • An Automated Creation of services can be achieved in a way that as soon as an order is placed and a payment receipt is received or after the admin approves it, the services can be instantly activated automatically.
  • Automatic Suspension of user accounts can be done via. WHMCS. And, only after the required payments is done, the temporary suspension can be removed and users can use the services as normal.
  • Automatic Termination of user accounts can be set in a way that post a particular time frame after the suspension if the user does not make a payment the service to the account would be instantly terminated.
  • Automatic Upgrades makes it simple for users who intend upgrade the product, here the calculations are automatically done in the background by WHMCS
  • Retrieval or Reset of Passwords can be done automatically from WHMCS
  • The late charges can be Automatically applied to invoices sent to users, based on certain pre-decided factors
  • Timely Alerts & Notice can be set for user accounts inorder to notify them about the payment due dates and overdue/current charges to be paid

Domains Related-

  • An automatic Domain Registration or Transfers could be achieved on receipt of payment or upon admins approval
  • Users can even Renew Domains via. the client area which could also be automated upon receipt of payment
  • Users get the option to enable and disable Auto Renewal of domains to avoid expiry and the later struggles
  • Users can change the Nameservers due to the in-built registrar modules which allows both the users as well as the clients to make the relevant amendments whenever required.
  • Similarly, the Contact Info can be reviewed and updated from time to time by clients as well as the staff members
  • The feature of Locking the Domains status can be achieved using WHMCS which too is optional based on the requirements
  • Inorder to serve well to the resellers, WHMCS allows its users to set private Nameservers
  • If you are a domain registrar, at the time of ordering a domain, users can be offered with an option of ID Protection
  • Get EPP Code is also supported with certain modules as is DNS Record Management & Email Forwarding. Ofcourse, for now this feature is available for ENOM only.

Support Tools Offerings –

  • The Ticketing System enables users with managing the email requests from customers efficiently and effectively. The admin can allocate email sent to a particular email address to concerned departments.
  • There exists a provision of Auto Answer Suggestions that automatically offers suggestion suggest possible answers to a users query from your knowledge-base before submission to help reduce common queries
  • Rules of Escalation can be assigned in away that none of the emails/tickets are left out from answering for more that a set amount of time.
  • A feature known as the “Email Piping” is offered with WHMCS which allows customers send an email to your company and generate tickets in the ticketing system
  • The provision of Spam Filters enables you to avoid and restrict emails from reaching your mailbox. You can set filters based on particular keywords, key-phrases and even email addresses
  • You can keep your customers updated by Announcing the latest NEWS or information through RSS

Security Features –

  • As a measure of enhanced security, you can move the Writeable Directories above the public_html directory
  • Furthermore, users can prefer Moving the Admin Area for avoiding the possible hacking attempts by guessing the logins
  • Notifying the admin with any Failed Login attempts hence keeping a track of a possible attempts of login.
  • Enabling the option to Automatically Ban an IP for more than THREE failed login attempts
  • The Client & Admin Passwords are stored as irreversible md5 hash values for prevention of passwords reversal
  • By using the AES Encryption protocol, the Credit Card Data is encrypted which avoids the scope of financial data thefts
  • Using the API IP Restrictions access can be granted only to those IP’s whom you intend to offer

Products –

  • WHMCS offers support for almost any types of products apart from merely web hosting
  • Set billing cycles based on customer needs ie. Free, One Time, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, Annually & Biennially
  • Billing based on a Prorata basis is supported by WHMCS i.e. date-to-date counter billing
  • Ability of configurable options for products and services whose prices are expected to vary or fluctuated in an unscheduled manner
  • Support for Custom Field enabling you to gather particular data about a client account.
  • Addons that enables you to cross-sell additional products & services to clients
  • Downloadable Product Support
  • Based on your business requirements, you can send automated Custom Welcome Emails to customers when they have sucessfully placed an order.
  • Stock Management/Automatic disallowance of orders when out-of-stock

Features offered with Client Area

  • Admin Client Summary page giving an overview of an entire clients account
  • Complete product and domain information with the current status
  • Your customers can get an overview of the services and products that are purchased from you, also available in the Client area is the option to reset their password
  • The Domain Management area enables your customer to check the details of domains that have been purchased from you, furthermore, they can manage the domains from this area
  • The Contact, Invoice and Payment History can be viewed by customers any time
  • New Orders can also be placed via. the inbuilt order form

Feature that Enhance Customization –

  • Different Server Modules that allow you automating the products activation, suspension, termination etc. Though there are multiple modules that are pre-inclusive with WHMCS but one can even create a custom module and integrate it with it
  • It also offers Domain Registrar Modules for domain management & automation inclusive of registrations, renewals, nameserver modifications, WHOIS changes etc.
  • Almost 50 different payment gateways are supported by the default version of WHMCS, but if you intend to have a different payment Gateway Module integrated with payment solutions you can easily get that developed from your sources and integrate it with enough ease.
  • With the availability of default Templates for the client as well as the admin areas allows used to completely customize the front-end interface

Other Features –

  • The provisioning of Enom SSL Certificates too can be automatically implied using WHMCS
  • Based on your requirements and the expected level of security, you can set Email Alerts for number of events taking place in WHMCS ie. each time when a new ticket is replied,upon successful/failure of an automated actions, scheduled cron task, etc.
  • For ensuring that your customers data isn’t lost, you can set an Automated Database Backups by FTP onto a remote server
  • Support for Multiple Languages enables clients to select their preferred languages


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