Get Protection: Cyber Attack NCA Tells UK Citizens

Get Protection: Cyber Attack NCA Tells UK Citizens

Find protection immediately from Worst-ever cyber attack NCA tells UK Citizens

Couple of weeks ago the National Crime Agency (NCA) stirred panic across the UK citizens by asking them to prepare for the worst cyber attack ever.

In its press release, NCA warned the UK public about the GameOver Zeus (GOZeus) Malware and the Cryptolocker Malware which has affected about 1 million computers globally. And it is requesting that citizens take the necessary steps to safeguard themselves from such attacks.

By updating security software, running system scans to detect and clear infections, and checking that computer operating systems are up to date, individuals and businesses can take advantage of the criminal network’s relative weakness. The NCA strongly recommends taking these steps as soon as possible before midnight on Tuesday 17 June.-NCA

GoZeus malware is a very sophisticated and is used by criminal to steal private data and banking information and at the same time compromise the user’s computer while the Cryptolocker is a ransomware which encrypts all the data of the user and demands ransom in order to handover the data or the user loses its data completely. It has resulted in losses of hundreds of millions of dollars to affected users.

Given the deadline given by the NCA it seems that it can only sustain the botnet for a limited period and wants the citizens to secure themselves so that the botnet cannot regain control of their systems again.

However, if your computer had already been compromised by GoZeus then it is not easy to find out and you need to perform a thorough malware scan to clean it up.

Citizens who feel they have been affected by GoZeuS or CryptoLocker can report it to UK’s national fraud and internet crime reporting centre