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Q1. Will you place ads on my site?
A1. When you join us, u are attached to a BRAND, which itself gives you
A boost in the development of your website.

Q2. If I join you, will you allow me to advertise for money on my website?
A2. Certainly, you can put your foot down to any advertising commercial.

Q3. What if I want to host my friends and relatives?
A3. Well, your wish is our command. You can surely go ahead with it.


Q1. What do I get from setting-up by you people?
A1. First of all there is no Setup-Fee for you to pay, that’s good, isn’t

Q2. Will I be paying any kind of tax amount on my payment that I
Make to you?
A2. There are no Hidden Charges, every payment that you make are
All inclusive of all TAXES.

Q3. Am I secured with you?
A3. Well, we offer you 30 days Money-Back Guarantee.
Every payment you make is secured under the Data-Protection Act
This is only an option if u wish to pay us in that way .Otherwise
You always have an alternative which we call ‘The SATISFIER

Q4. What forms of payment do you accept?
A4. Now “The Satisfier Way” –
a) MasterCard
b) Visa
c) American Express,
d) Discover,
e) Pay pal.

Q5. Will I be charged if I upgrade or downgrade the plans when I sign
A5. As you can see our aim is guide you in all ways, there are NO
Hidden Charges.And we believe to make a never-ending bonding relationship with
Our client.

Q6. How long does it take to setup my account?
A6. It depends on the type of payment that you make to us.
For e.g. – Payment from credit card, will take maximum 15 Minutes.
And payments made from any other source will require
Up to 10 Hours.

Q7. If I wish to upgrade at any time with you, how is the procedure going
To Be?
A7. You can upgrade your hosting package at any point of time you wish to, all you have to do is
Fill up an upgrade form and you are done without any additional


Q1. What kind of servers do you offer to me?
A1. We have both WINDOWS SERVERS (O.S.-Microsoft windows 2000) as well as
UNIX/LINUX SERVERS(O.S.-Redhat 9.0/Redhat Fedora) web hosting servers.

Q2. Do you have a large download file that I can test your speed with?
A2. YES, of course we do…as we told you customer satisfaction is what we

Q3. What control panel do you use and do you have a demo?
A3. a) WHM/Cpanel is used for UNIX/LINUX Hosting .
b) WINPANEL is used for WINDOWS Hosting.

IF you wish to view a demo, you can proceed with the following
Procedure –
LOGIN – demo

Q4. Do you offer Telnet or Shell Access?
A4. No due to security reason’s we do not offer telnet or shell access but you Can still able to unzip files on the server using our file manager as well
As the ability to setup cron jobs.

Q5. Can I password protect directories?
A5. Yes you can password protect directories in both the cpanel (win &


Q1. How long does it take to get my domain working?
A1. It takes up to 24-48 Hours for a domain to fully propagate.

Q2. Can I view my site even though my domain’s name servers haven’t
Propagated yet?
A2. Yes, surely this is how you can do so –


Q3. What do I set my domains name server’s to?
A3. You shall receive all the necessary information through a welcome
E-mail from us.

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  1. Q. I need to move from my current hosting company. I am looking to host 6 sites with total of 10 – 15 gb disc and around 60 gb bandwidth. I require cpanel. can you provide prices for reseller and shared hosting. I would like to move the sites today so please treat as urgent.

    Ans :- As per your request for the plans, please refer to these URL:: for shared plans for reseller plans
    Please choose the plan accordingly to your requirement and place for the order accordingly. Please let us know, if you still face any issue.

    Q. I need to know the parameters of your service asI have several sites which I want hosted and finished, including shopping carts and limited interactivity. Particularly at the moment which needs shopping cart and the ability to deliver packages as emails or whatever, automatically.
    Ans :- You can host unlimited number of websites in any of our shared hosting plans. You just need to work out amount of space and bandwidth that you will need for your website and you can choose a package accordingly. We offer Fantastico support with our linux hosting packages and Fantastico allows you to setup more than 4 different shopping carts like oscommerce, agora, cubecart and zencart with a single click. This shopping carts are free of cost and you can customize headers and footers of this carts to fit them with your design.

    Q.I want web hosting for Ruby on Rails, not to much: something like 50 or 100 MB. I would like an offer.
    Ans :- You can choose our copper hosting package as that will give you 200 MB space and 3 GB bandwidth. This should be sufficient for you as of now. We dont have any hosting plan below copper. Please mention in the message box at the time of signup that you need your account on the server that supports Ruby on Rails.

    Q. I am very interested in becoming a reseller But was wondering if you can just answer a few questions for me?
    You say that my customers can email your technical support what response times do you have in place to get back to the customer? and can they phone you or is it just email support? Is it just a £99 cost for the year or are there any setup fees or any other costs?
    Ans :-

    Q. You say that my customers can email your technical support what response times do you have in place to get back to the customer?
    Ans :- We answer 90% of support requests in less than 30 minutes. It can take upto 1 – 2 hours for complicated problems.

    Q. can they phone you or is it just email support?
    Ans :- They cannot call us directly as in that case your customers may leave you and come to us directly and that can make problems for our business relationship.

    Q. Is it just a £99 cost for the year or are there any setup fees or any other costs?
    Ans :- Its just £99 per year. There are no other setup charges or hidden charges untill and unless you need addon services like SSL Certificate, Dedicated IP address or Site Builder.

    You can call our toll free number tomorrow when you get back to work or reply to this email and we will call you on specified time.

    Q. I was wondering how long from the customer emailing you until they get a
    reply from the support team as I know some probs take 5 mins and others take
    days, but I think my email has answered that as I got a reply in about 2
    seconds! What benifits is the SSL certificate and how much is it?

    Ans : Regarding the SSL certificate,its benefits are to have a secure site so that you can use the shopping cart or any other oscommerce cart on your site the site will browse with “https://” instead of “http://”.Your domain name will be assigned with dedicated IP address, means that a website has its own IP address. Whether you type in your URL or the numeric form of its IP address, both will bring you to the same domain.
    The dedicated SSL certficate will be either created on the https://domainname or else on the www i.e https://www.domianname it depends on your requirement.This will cost you 39.99GBP per year inclusive of a dedicated IP address for a year. Benifits of SSL : SSL Certificate helps your visitors complete secure transactions with confidence.
    It transmit the data with strongest encryption which can not be easily intrupted. Your website appear to be more trusted and more legitimate. That is an advantage in the world of e-commerce Business. For businesses with a high profile brand, using SSL is an effective defense against scams. When customers see the SSL which in turn show the trust, they can interact with you online, with confidence.

    Q. We’d like to purchase a VPS. We’d like to ask what technology you use for the virtualization. We’d like to know if we could get the VPS without all the extras mentioned (MySQL etc.) but only with the Debian and SSH.
    Ans :- We use OpenVZ technology for the Virtualization. OpenVZ uses Linux VServer as the virtualization technology. Linux VServer’s virtualization method is best categorized as separation and provides native performance levels as opposed to true virtualizers.
    From the point of view of applications and Virtual Private Server users, each VPS is an independent system. This independency is provided by a virtualization layer in the kernel of the host OS. Note that only a negligible part of the CPU resources is spent on virtualization (around 1-2%).
    OpenVZ allows to utilize its processing power better by improving average load from 3-5% to at least 30-50%, while still providing ability to handle peak loads. To decrease complexity, OpenVZ provides standardized and centralised server management, logically decoupled from actual hardware.

    Yes, its possible to crate a VPS with just debin installed. But we would also like to know, which application should not installed on VPS while creating a one for you.

    Q. I’d like to confirm that I understand correctly that
    upgrading system libraries such as libc will not cause
    any problems with virtualization (as we are planning
    to use some packages from Debian “testing” which
    might have newer libc as dependency).

    It’s much easier to describe what should be installed:
    minimal Debian installation with ssh daemon. We
    have the technical knowledge to proceed from this
    Ans :- Yes, you can upgrade the linc binaries but if it failed then in that case we need to reinstall the OS again on yur VPS.

    Q. i have 3 sites now at another US server and plan on starting several more. 2 will be using subdomains. what package would be best for this type of setup?
    Ans :- We allow unlimited domains hosting on all our hosting plans including the reseller and shared hosting plans. If you dont need much space and bandwidth for your new websites then you can choose our basic copper package as thats our smallest package and it supports multiple addon as well as parked domains. You can take a look at for more details.

    Q. Where are your servers for shared hosting located? Are they in the US or do you have some in the UK? Are your Reseller accounts also hosted in the UK? Out of curiousity,
    whereabouts is the data centre my site would be on?
    Ans :- Our Servers for Shared Hosting are located in UK. Right now we are filling UK based Linux and VPS Servers so your account would be activated on our UK based servers only. You will need to specify in the message box at the time of signup that your reseller account should be setup on our UK based servers. Right now our billing system is setting up reseller accounts on the US based servers but if you specify UK servers requirement at the time of signup then our accounts department would take care of it.

    Q. i am already with a nother webhost, howver i wish to move to yourselves. i just need to know whether you support squirrel mail webmail client, and whether you run a one click install service like lycos or would it have to be installed and configured manually.
    Ans :- Squirrelmail webmail client is included in our hosting packages by default. We also include many other one click install softwares which you can read at We have tutorials for configuration of most of the softwares and control panel functions located at

    Q. I am interested in the gold package. We are interested in hosting uptp 6 websites.2 of these will require zencart to be be installable through fantastico (scripted) if possible the latest version 1.3.5.
    Zencart does not support php5, is php4 available for zencart through the install scripts for zencart?
    How is it possible to administer different configurations of domains through cpanel we current use one website through cpanel see here
    Do we need to supply you with the domains when creating the account or can we add them when needed?
    Do backups or restores cost extra. Do you do regular backups of the server and are they done when the server is not busy?
    Do you need to reboot the server for updates on a regular basis, we have been having lots of downtime with our current host and would like this avoided if possible but we understand reboots are needed from time to time.
    Is it possible to chat to someone online if we get a problem?
    Do you provide 24/7 support?
    Do you have a limit to the number of mysql databases that can be used with the gold package?
    Would there be any additional costs to say run 10 or 15 websites for the gold account some with zencart and some with other software installed?
    Ans :- Gold package is one of our best package that you are opting for your websites. We have php4 as well as php5 installed on our servers.
    You can install cart software from your Cpanel >> Fantastico for e.g. CubeCart. OS Commerce, Zen Cart, for your main domain as well as for your addon domains. You can have unlimited domains on the Gold package inshort cpanel will be provided to your primary domain and through the cpanel you can add your other domains as an Addon domain. Also, you can have all the features that are available for your primary domain means you can have separate ftp, emails account for your addon domains.
    You can have your accounts created when you need them through your cpanel.
    We have configured Weekly backups on our server which runs on every Sunday. We do not charge for backups while we charge for restorations.
    Well incase of reboots, our server have 99.98% uptime and we reboot our servers only when they are needed for eg kernel upgradations, server maintainance and hardware upgradations.
    eUKhost offers 24/7 phone support, email support, you can reach us with a click of the mouse (live chat), our support engineers are at your service unceasingly and also we have a 30 day money back guarantee.
    You can have unlimited databases for your domains.

  2. 1- I am from iran, and I’d like to know about stability of your
    services to iranian. (I don’t like effect political laws to quality and any
    problem in services.)
    Ans . Yes we do support Iranian clients and there wont be any issues due to political,regional or religion criteria`s.

    2- Where is location of your servers?(which country)
    Ans. We do have both US and UK based servers.

    3- How can I know about add-on prices?(space,ip,.)
    Ans. Regarding the additional disk space you will have to directly upgrade the plan to the next immediate plan. Aditional dedicated Ip addresses will cost you 2GBP per month for per IP address.

    4- Can I pay with visa card?
    Ans. Yes we do accept visa credit or debit cards.

    5- How many years are you in it buisness?
    Ans. Since last 5years we are in this hosting Business.

    6- What is avarage time of customer support?
    Ans. The max update time for the tickets is 20/30mins and the maximum resolution time for the issue is 3hours. We provide chat, technical and phone support for 24by7 and 365days a year.

    7- How can I make and run server side program for get my customer requests?
    Ans. This is a scripting related as assignment we do not support scripting thus in this case you will have to contact your developers for this.

    8- How many email account can I define in any customer accout? where
    is space of any account? (in my web space or not)
    Ans. unlimited email accounts are featured for all of your client accounts under your main reseller account. Yes you will get all the information regarding your client account on your reseller whm and also cpanel access of all your clients.

    9- Where is storage of mysql databases?(in my web space or not?)
    Ans. The mysql databases are stored on the same server itself under the path named as /var/lib/mysql.

    10- What is voucher of this services?
    Ans . You will have to use the site for signing up with us and an invoice will be created as soon as you signup, you will have to make the payment using the payonline option as soon as the payment is recived we will create your account on the server and the welcome mail will be sent within next 5mins of setting up the account. If you also register the domain with us then it will take atleast next 10/12hrs for the domain to propagate till then you may login to the whm using the IP address and also you can view the site using the link as http://ipaddress/~username/

  3. Q.1 Can you provide a shopping cart and search facility?
    Ans :- Yes. We offer osCommerce, Agora and ZenCart shopping cart free with our cPanel Hosting packages located at

    Q.2 How do i upload my site, made with Dreamweaver? How do i get my e-mail redirected?
    Ans :- We will provide you with FTP login once you signup. You can use those details to upload your website. Make sure that you upload your contents inside public_html directory once you signup and connect using FTP login information. You can setup email redirection from your control panel. You will get those details with the welcome email. You can then take a look at to learn more about cpanel control panel.

    Q.3 I have a Nochex account, how do i work it into my shopping cart?
    Ans :- You can see the option to setup nochex payment gateway in the shopping cart. osCommerce supports nochex and others may also have.

    Q.4 I need someone to host my site selling sublimation printed mugs and mousemats. I have about 1000 products so i need a shopping cart and search engine so people can find what they want. Can you help?
    Ans :- We will help you to get your webiste indexed in search engines. You can setup your products from your shopping cart and Search Engines as well as Search Box in your cart would bring potential customers on page of respective product.

    Q.5 what is the difference between linux and windows hosting?
    Ans :- Linux Plan has got many options and many softwares are free with the linux hosting packages. Windows is preffered by those who make their websites in and those who need microsoft sql database support.

  4. Q.1 1Domain name hosting.
    Ass : Yes. We offer domain name registration and hosting.

    Q.2 Linux-based operating system (e.g. RedHat Enterprise Linux).
    Ans : We have Redhat CentOS on all our servers.

    Q.3 Relational Database Management System (e.g. MySQL or PostgreSQL) with secure remote ODBC access via ssh tunnel with Public Key authentication.
    Ans : We have MySQL database support on all servers and ODBC connections is possible on our windows servers only.

    Q.4 httpd web server (e.g. Apache) with PHP support and back-end database integration.
    Ans : We have Apache webserver with php and backend database support is included.

    Q. 5 Secure access (sshd) for uploading static files with scp.
    Ans : We allow SSH access only on 1 of our server. All other servers have SSH access blocked for networks outside our office. You can choose VPS plan if you wish to gain full root access.

    Q. 6 Secure shell access ( sshd) for interactive administration using Public Key authentication.
    Ans : This is possible on our VPS plans only. Shared and Reseller hosting plans dont support this.

    Q.7 Mail forwarding with database lookups for dynamic recipient groups.
    Ans : This is possible possible on shared as well as VPS plans.

    Q. 8 Automated backup régime (e.g. weekly backups of static web space, database and configuration).
    Ans : We have setup remote rsync backup which takes weekly backup on Saturday night.

    Q. 9 root-level access would be a bonus. Virtualisation techniques (e.g. VMware or RedHat Enterprise Xen slice) would be an acceptable means of sharing hardware with other customers.
    Ans : VPS plan would be perfect for this requirement.

    Q. 10 Service metrics
    Ans : We have statistics and monitoring panel on all vps plans.

    Q. 11 Storage: 3 GBytes (including operating system installation, database and log files).
    Outbound traffic: 5 GBytes/month (To be confirmed).
    Ans : Our basic VPS plan comes with 10 GB Space and 200 GB bandwidth.

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