Future of On Demand Service

Future of On Demand Service

On demand service is very young on this stage but I am sure it will take a big place in forthcoming business environment as today’s business environment is fast-moving and become notorious and unpredictable. On demand integration and services can give the organization the flexibility to dart obstacles and grab opportunity without losing rapidity and competence.

On demand service will open a multi-billion dollar market in near future. The best example is Google’s contextual advertising/ YPN that has on-demand service — buyers go online (or connect to an API) to place it and manage it, Google’s service is entirely virtual, they have nice portal system and highly customizable and scalable applications which is entirely of its own creation. In today’s challenging marketplace, it is essential for an organizations to streamline business processes and respond quickly to changes as what is today may not going to be suffice for future.

You need to spend time on MIS/market forecast and to create value-added functions, key applications, core competencies and create a role-based portal which can create on demand service that can connect content to applications to business process to people.



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