Get ready for .UK Domains, coming to eUKhost soon!

Get ready for .UK Domains, coming to eUKhost soon!

You could very soon register a domain name with a shorter and much better .UK domain extension.

The domain registry Nominet has announced that the UK business owners would be able to register a .UK domain which would be made available from summer next year.

All the websites which currently use the UK domain suffixes such as and will have the chance to switch to the shorter and a simpler .UK tld.

The newer and shorter .UK domains would be available for the same price of £3.50 for one year as it is for the domains.

There are about ten million websites with domains extension or which would have the option of taking a .UK suffix in place of their earlier extension. These websites would be given a five year span to migrate to the new domain at their convenience or at their next renewal.

For websites which have different owners for a and a extensions the one with a would be given first preference.

The decision was a result of the long time dialogue between the business owners and registry Nominet about the possibility of having a shorter domain extension besides the current and domains.

Similar changes were made in Germany and France where users would be able to have a shorter extension .de and .fr for the respective countries.

“We are very aware of the massive shake up happening next year. There’ll be lots of choice available with new top level domains, which is really important. However, we think that .uk is the right place online for UK businesses and we want to make sure that it remains attractive in the face of new choice.”, said Nominet COO, Eleanor Bradley.

What if you do not want to change?

Websites owners which do not wish to change their current extension for any reason would be able to retain their old domain names as the domain registry would still offer them in addition to the new one.

The domain extension are also going to see lot of other variation with our new domain tlds and the introduction of the .london suffix which would be launched by the internet domain regulator ICANN and it would be amongst the first city based TLDs.

The exact launch date of the new domain tld would be announced in February 2014. You would be able to register the .UK domains with eUKhost Limited and we would update you as soon as it is out.