Getting started with your website- Things to do!

Getting started with your website- Things to do!

Everyone wants to have their own website and get their business online. Although not a very troublesome thing it entails lot of steps which need to followed in order to get your website live over the internet.

A fully functional website accessible over the web involves a lot more than just getting a website designed from a web designer. To make it live there are various steps which need to be followed. Here we list down what those exactly are:

Choosing a web hosting service

Usually when you get a new website designed there are couple of possibilities. Either you have an existing hosting package or you may not. In the first case, if you already have a web hosting service then it becomes relatively easier to get your website online. (However, if you are not content with your hosting service then you may need to consider finding another provider which we discuss next.)

If you are new to this and do not have any idea about which web hosting service to choose then it is recommended that you go through this article about choosing the best web hosting service.

Get a Domain name

Once you have shortlisted on a reliable web hosting provider you can look for a good Domain name for your website. Usually it is good to have a domain name on lines of your business or brand. This makes it easier for people to remember it as well. There are various things that you need to keep in mind when choosing a domain for your website. Here you can read more about choosing the right domain name.

Get your website on the server

Once you have selected a suitable web hosting solution you need to upload your website on to your server. This can be done by you or you can ask your web hosting provider to help you put the site on the server.

Uploading your website on the server is not very difficult. If you have some technical knowledge then all you need is FTP application which you can use for uploading the data to your server. However, if you find yourself uncomfortable with it then you need not do it and seek help of the support personnel of your service provider who would do this for you.

DNS Configuration

This is important step in getting your website accessible over the internet. After the site is uploaded to the server the web hosting provider would point the domain to the corresponding IP address. This would allow your website to be accessible via the domain you chose. DNS propagation (the process of making a website known to all) takes from 24 -72 hours and after which you can access your website over the web.

Setup Email

This is an additional step which is not necessary for getting your website online but it does help in making full use of your website once it is live.

After your domain is pointing to the server you can create your own email addresses based on your domain Ex: [email protected] You will be able to do this from the control panel of your website or you can also ask your hosting provider to set it up for you.

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