Google’s Advertisement Engine: AdSense

Google’s Advertisement Engine: AdSense

Google AdSense

AdSense is the advertising using Google’s Web sites as a medium for its ads. These are mostly contextual, but several options are offered, and several types of ads, including sponsorship of Google and the search field. Ads are text or images, and videos are also used by the search engine Google and its WebMail service, and Gmail.

Adsense For Search

During a search of a website on the Google engine, result pages also include advertisements, as “sponsored links”, and selected based on the keywords typed. These announcements come as the contextual ads Adwords campaigns.

Original Ads

Ads from AdWords campaigns: An advertising campaign is made by an account for one or more ads. The customer defines a list of keywords or groups of keywords to determine the pages where the ads appear.

Moreover, we can allocate different costs per click keyword. Advertisers are competing to see their first message. More exposure for high-cost ads (cost per click allocated to the keyword and maximum budget for the ads campaign) are displayed more often, and are given better position on the first page in search engines. Such high-cost advertisements will be displayed above other ads and will get more clicks by the surfers.

Contextual Ads

Unlike other services of contextual ads, AdSense is not based on a single word, but on several words making a longer key phrase.

For example, imagine that the robot AdSense MediaPartner, please analyze the following:

Python will make it easy to develop multi-platform applications.

MediaPartner will detect the key phrases that are Python, development, and cross-platform applications for which it will determine what areas they are related:

* Python: Mythology, Reptile, and Informatics

* Develop: Science, Physics, and Moral

* Cross-platform applications: Computer Science

In this example is MediaPartner and Python are the common memberships in the field of information technology, and therefore the re-analysis is in the opposite direction, which will involve AdSense here with Python language, and thus retain the announcements related to language Programming Python.

That is, if the keywords have several common words, AdSense will not know what subject to select, and displays ads from more general topics like the search for reptiles and species of kingdom of reptilia too, which may attract more general users.

The webmasters that provide advertising space to advertisers through Google can collect income, or earnings per thousand page impressions, or an income for every click a visitor of the site on an ad. Income per click depends on the amount that the advertiser is willing to pay for this, of course, defined at the time it provides the ad.


Google Adsense technology uses Javascript. Therefore, the ads do not appear when Javascript is disabled on the visitor’s browser. In addition, there are also systems blocking ads, such as browser extensions or specific software.

It is prohibited by their TOS, but the proportion of clicks on ads by robots is important. Indeed, there is software to download to automate illegal clicks. This threatens the advertising for which payment depends on the number of clicks.

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