Got your first WordPress Blog? What Next?

Got your first WordPress Blog? What Next?

Like many first time bloggers you might have also registered your domain with a web hosting provider and installed WordPress on your site. Now what?

You might figure out how making a post and editing it but that’s not all. There is lots more you can do with your WordPress blog and make it much better than a simple blog. In this article you can find some useful tips on setting up your WordPress blog like a Pro. So read on!

User Account

First things first. You might be aware of the recent attacks on WordPress blogs. The blogs with the default Admin account were mostly compromised. So you need to first create a new user account from the User tab and give it the administrator rights and use a strong password with alpha-numeric and special characters.

You can read more about securing your WP blog here.


How your blog looks tells a lot about the blog owner and the kind of post that one should expect.

In order to give the right impression you must use an appropriate theme for your blog. You can install a new theme from the themes section or you can also upload a custom one if you like.

Adding Pages & Categories

From the pages section you can add more pages to your blog and do not forget to remove the sample page from the list. Adding an About us and Contact page is also essential to gain the visitors trust.

If you are going to post about various topics then creating categories is a good thing. This would allow your readers to find posts on a particular topic easily.

Adding categories is quite simple. From the categories section on the dashboard you can add another category and fill the details and its done.

Optimize your blog

In order to make your blog search friendly you need to optimize it properly. It is good to have a set Permalink structure which is based on the post title which is easily indexed. For this, you can edit the permalink structure and use a custom one like: postname Or you can also choose other types like numeric, day or month if you prefer to do so.

SEO Plugin

To make your posts show up in search rankings you can install an SEO plugin like Yoast which would further optimize your posts and help them getting indexed. And the XML sitemap plugin which would generate a sitemap of your blog and submit it to search engines so the pages can be crawled and indexed properly.

Essential Plugins

There are many other plugins for social sharing like Sociable, and plugins for blog rating which would make it easier for your readers to rate the posts.

For preventing spam you install the Akismet plugin and the Captcha plugin as well. Here you can find other must have plugins for your WordPress blog.


If you wish to monitor the activity on your blog or see how your posts are performing and how are visitors coming to your blog then you can link your blog to a Google Analytics account and monitor it in real time.

Now you can go ahead and develop a wonderful blog and start posting amazing things on it.