Great Ways of Driving Web Traffic Part 2

Great Ways of Driving Web Traffic Part 2

Continued from Great Ways Of Driving Traffic To Your Website Part 1

This article continues showing the great ways of driving web traffic to your website. There are many proven ways of getting web traffic to your website, some of them do not serve much Search Engine Optimisation purpose, but can still bring you lots of web traffic to your website. For example, membership sites and writing on forums are considered poor SEO techniques, but can really bring great traffic to your website if they are used correctly.

6. Create Membership Sites

You can create membership sites with your niche topics and offer good content and products on them. Advertise your site on the forums, blogs, links in ebooks and ezines, email campaigns, and also advertise it using the many Joint Venture Giveaway events and through other means that can get you plenty of traffic.

Giving away free products with links pointing to your membership site can always attract a huge viral traffic, but to keep them coming back to your site, you must add and update your membership site with fresh, relevant, and useful content. Apart from the traffic that these sites get, they also create moneymaking opportunities by selling products and services, and through the paid memberships.

7. Use High-Ranking and Relevant Keywords

If you want targeted traffic, then create several web pages, each focusing on just one or two high ranking keywords. The pages should contain high quality and relevant content. Such pages are liked by the search engines and your web pages will rank much higher in the SERP for their keywords because they contain targeted content.

You will thus have many high ranking web pages for different high-ranking keywords instead of having a single page containing plenty of keywords.

If you are selling products and services, then create a unique page for each product and service with its own specific keywords. In this way, you can create targeted traffic for every product and service separately.

This means more targeted traffic to your website, each traffic coming from a unique set of keywords, and possibly more avenues of online income. The other advantage of this method is that, you will have more high-ranking pages in the search engines for the given keywords.

8. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the great ways of driving web traffic to your website. Email marketing with the help of auto-responders can create a good relationship between the marketer and the clients who have given the marketer their email address for such communication. It is one of the best and cost-effective methods of marketing on the internet.

The popular and legal method of list building for email marketing is the double opt-in method. It is through many novel methods, for example, giving away free gifts, or an interesting ebook, or giving away a free subscription to the website’s ezine, the marketer builds a huge list of subscribers who opt-in for receiving emails from the website.

These subscribers are then sent information about the company’s forthcoming events, the information on the products and services offered by the company, or information about the affiliate products, or may ask the subscriber to participate in various events and then thanking them for their participation, or even sending them birthday wishes and presents and acquire goodwill.

These factors help build a good relationship between the business and its subscribers. This method has been a proven success method of driving massive targeted traffic to the website.

But, the dark side of this method is the spam emails and the floods of unnecessary offers, which have also become a menace for the millions of web surfers. If you are able to gain respect and trust of your list members, then you can use this method quite effectively to build a successful online presence.

9. Viral ebooks

This method is yet another great ways of driving web traffic to your website. Viral ebooks are great products that can attract traffic to your website. You can create an interesting ebook and insert links to your website, products, or your affiliate products. The idea is to produce an ebook with immense value so that the recipient not just likes it, but also refers it to their friends, website visitors, and clients.

The ebook will circulate all over the internet through the original recipients and subsequently, through others. You can give this ebook as a free gift only after the visitor subscribes through an opt-in page on your website, and attaching more links inside the ebook taking the readers to your squeeze page on your site to gift them more such ebooks, so that not only your list of subscribers grow automatically, but you can also present and sell them other products as well when they arrive on your website’s sales page.

Your excellent ebook also can make you an expert in your niche topic, gaining the trust of the readers, and drive quality traffic to your site. In this way, you can generate a lot of viral traffic to your site and products sales pages.

You can give your ebooks away through your email campaigns, through your websites, and through the Joint Venture Campaigns. You can give them rights to give away this ebook to anyone they may choose. They can even re-brand this ebook and give it away free or even sell it, provided they do not change the links inside. Take care to make this ebook very interesting and useful, and you will get a lot of viral traffic on autopilot forever!

You can hire good freelancers and ghostwriters to write such an ebook. The money that you spend for creating a truly useful ebook will always return to you manifold as the ebook will attract thousands of readers who may also visit your website to purchase relevant products. In this way, a single ebook can easily generate fair amount of wealth and success on autopilot for you.

10. Yahoo! Answers

Yahoo! Answers is a well-known site on the internet. It receives immense traffic on a daily basis. People ask their questions on this site and others answer them. This seems like a simple idea for a website, but the power of this idea is simply mind-blowing!

Yahoo! has turned this simple-looking idea into a site that is truly magnetic! You will find people asking questions to their problems on every topic, and you can take advantage of that by answering those questions to the best of your ability and knowledge.

Almost all the topics (questions asked on Yahoo! Answers) can be researched and made available from searching the internet. Use that information but write the answers in your own words. Do not copy any content from the internet. While answering the questions, you can simply add a link pointing to your own website (which, incidentally is filled with quality relevant content!)

Why is the content on your website relevant to those questions? Because, you chose to answer only those questions on Yahoo! Answers website that were the theme of your website! Of course, you can also answer other questions and solve many problems of others, and that will definitely generate a good Karma for you.

A lot of readers will be thankful to you forever for your help through this excellent website. So, spend some time and use this website for helping others, it will always bring back a lot of goodwill, and possibly, a lot of traffic to your website and wealth to you.

There is, of course, no need to reveal that the target website belongs to you. You can sincerely make it look like you are providing preliminary answers there, and are simply pointing to a website (your own website) that has extensive and reliable content for their added benefit! Other readers may also visit your website after reading your excellent answers.

As the immense popularity of Yahoo! Answers is still growing and attracting thousands of visitors daily, you can divert some of this traffic to your website through your intelligent answers!

The above methods are some of the great ways of driving web traffic to your website. All the above methods of free traffic generation have always worked for those who have used them in an intelligent manner. You too can use any or all of them and drive massive traffic to your website! Of course, your own website should always have quality and relevant content that will benefit this targeted traffic.