Great Ways of Driving Web Traffic – Part 1

July 22, 2008 / SEO

Great Ways Of Driving Web Traffic To Your Website

A website without traffic will never succeed for any online business. There are many great ways of driving web traffic to your website. Many of these free methods are absolute gems that can drive truckloads of web traffic to your website. The following are some of those successful methods that have generated web traffic. If performed correctly, these methods of driving web traffic will also work for you:

1. Writing Comments on Blogs

Blogs are liked by the search engines and they are visited by the search engine spiders frequently. These blogs are also indexed frequently by these search engines in their databases. The search engine spiders also visit the links on the blogs, if they are permitted by blogs, at the same time.

Hence, first find a blog that has a similar theme as your own website and has a better ranking in the search engines, preferably in the first 2 or 3 pages of the search engine result pages.

By commenting on such high-ranking and relevant blogs with a reference to your website using a link, the search engines can also visit and index your web page frequently. Apart from this, your comment will also get a much needed back link from the blog. If the blog is popular, then the visitors that visit the blog will also follow the link that you have placed there and visit your site.

You must take care that your write a good, interesting, and descriptive relevant comment so that the comment is not deleted by the blog site.

Instead of writing a short comment that just says, Thank you, etc., write a useful comment to get noticed by other visitors. Even if the search engine spiders do not visit your website from the blogs, the visitors will surely visit your website if your comments are interesting. This is the major advantage of driving web traffic to your site. So, find such blogs that are relevant to your website’s theme, and generate plenty of targeted web traffic to your own website.

2. Forum Signatures

Another method of driving web traffic is to join all the popular and relevant forums related to your website theme that are very active and have a great traffic. From the profile section of the forum, and create your signature for the forum. This signature can be formatted to put a link to your website using your website’s best keywords. Regularly write your comments on the popular threads and also create a lot of interesting threads that are relevant to the site. With every post and thread, your signature will appear with the link pointing to your website.

If your comments are interesting and liked by the forum members, they will click on your link and visit your website regularly. This is a great way to create a targeted traffic. This mode of free website advertisement is also relatively untapped by many marketers for driving web traffic, so you can take full advantage by using your writing skills and create traffic from the forums. Your posts should really be useful to the members of the forum.

By writing 1 or 2 comments on many forums regularly will create thousands of links to your website and will attract multifold web traffic to your website on a regular basis. Become a trustworthy member on all those forums which are community sites, and you will create a targeted web traffic to your website.

3. Social Networking Sites

One of the great ways of driving web traffic is joining popular social networking websites. Social networking websites can really send your website a flood of targeted web traffic. The common factor between all the social networking sites is social interaction. These sites are hugely popular and are liked by the search engines for this fact. Social sites like the Facebook and MySpace are so popular that they can send you massive traffic.

The general sites among them are StumbleUpon, Technorati, Squidoo, etc. where you can build traffic as easily as from the other specialized social networking sites like Flickr, Zoomr, Buzznet, Bebo, LibraryThing, Zing, and Sermo. Do not join any social site that asks you to pay a fee, as the best sites are still free.

Joining the social networking or bookmarking sites is easy, but creating your online presence there can be a difficult task, especially on a site like the very popular Web 2.0 networking website, Squidoo. Your web page on these sites should be interesting looking and complete care should be taken to make the content grammatically correct. Build an interesting site there and interact with other members regularly so that you can drive massive traffic to your website in a very short span of time.

This is one of the best mode to generate very huge and targeted traffic quickly and driving that web traffic to your site.

4. Article Submissions

Article submission is also known as article marketing. You can write great articles pertaining to your niche topic and submit them to the many article submission websites on the Internet. Each article submitted should have a resource box which can be used to write about yourself and your website. The link pointing to your website in this resource box generates huge traffic to your website if your articles are really good and attract the visitors of those article submission sites.

These article submission sites are extremely popular, and many webmasters depend completely on them to borrow free articles for their own websites with a condition that the articles borrowed shall contain the full text and the resource box. This creates a free viral traffic to your website when your good articles are also borrowed by other websites.

This mode of traffic generation is extremely popular, and even if you cannot write great articles, you can hire freelancers to write them for you.

5. Generating Traffic Through Videos

One of the best methods of driving web traffic to your website is the video marketing technique. This method can generate absolute floods of traffic to your website continuously as this method is viral in nature. If your videos are extremely useful then people will link to your videos and also refer it to everyone.

You can easily create videos that are educational in nature, or are advertisement of your products, or are simply comic in nature that are always attracting traffic with the help of softwares like the Camtasia, or by using your camcorder. Optimize your video with links to your website, and also use features like Annotations. Submit your videos to the video submission sites like YouTube, MySpace Videos, Google Video, and DailyMotion.

This mode of generating and driving web traffic to your website is the gift of Web 2.0 technique which can explode huge viral traffic to your site regularly. There are plenty of other great ways of driving web traffic to your website, which we shall discuss in the upcoming articles on this site.

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