Great ways to make money with your website or blog

Great ways to make money with your website or blog

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There are plenty of ways to make money on the web you just have to think of where to go or what to do. One of the popular ways is to make your own website or blog on a particular subject. Whatever your chosen subject, whether web hosting, technology related topics, graphics design or something not related to technology such as sports it’s easy to make money as long as you take the right approach towards SEO/marketing and using the right affiliate programs or publisher advertising services such as AdSense to help you make revenue from your website.

It’s important to ensure you choose an affiliate program that matches the type of website you are making and the kind of visitors you are intending to accommodate for, for example when people are searching for something via a search engine. That said, you won’t make any money without good search engine optimization. You need to make sure you build content on your website or blog and advertise it on other websites, forums and directories that contribute to backlinks. Though make sure you only advertise on forums that permit you to do so. The best way to do this is by adding your website to your forum signature. This is permitted in a lot of forums and even if members of the forum aren’t interested in checking your website or blog, search engines such as Google will start to notice your website is being linked to from other websites, forums and web directories (backlinks) and will start to take your website or blog more seriously and start making certain pages or posts (if you own a blog) appear higher in search results. In a basic sense, when your Google PageRank value for your website is higher, your website is considered more important by Google. If you do all of these techniques to help towards Search Engine Optimization, you may find that your PageRank will be higher within a few months of creating your website or blog. To check your PageRank, you can use websites such as or

So how do I make money on my website or blog?

There are many ways to make money on your site, but if you are specifically using affiliate programs you need to take into consideration placement of affiliate banners and affiliate links respective to that affiliate program to make sure you are able to maximize the revenue you may make. Though you need to make sure you don’t add too many distracting advertising/affiliate banners and links that may detract customers from coming back to your website or that may be annoying to your visitor. Don’t make it obvious that the intention of making your website is to make money. This is mostly obvious if there are loads of advertisements all around a website or blog, or that articles on a blog have referral/affiliate hyperlinks embedded within the article. It’s not good to do this and most savvy readers check the URL of hyperlinks and will know straight away that it is a referral URL.

We have our own affiliate program (being a web hosting company ourselves), so if you think your target audience will be interested in web hosting (and understand what web hosting is – depending on the type of website you are intending to create or already have) then you may want to signup to our affiliate program. Our affiliate program is very successful so we do provide a generous commission for each and every sale you help us make.

Other really popular affiliate programs you may have not thought of looking into is Amazon’s Affiliate Program. (direct URL) (for international customers) and (direct URL) have separate affiliate programs. When you sign-up, you can advertise specific products or advertise entire categories using banner adverts or hyperlinks (text ads). They do provide a generous commission and is suitable for a wide variety of websites, unlike our affiliate program which may not be suitable for websites that, say, are targeted for non-tech-savvy users for example. And you can choose which products to advertise, so you may want to advertise certain products that may yield more commissions for example, products that are more targeted to your website’s target audience.

Going onto publisher programs, however. There are plenty of very popular publisher programs such as Google AdSense which I’m sure you are already aware about. Google AdSense generally provides an acceptable commission for example on a ‘per click’ basis. Sometimes you may find up to £1 for each click if the advertisement pays a lot of money; it’s not uncommon to get paid 50p to £1 per click for some advertisements. But on average, it’s around 10p to 30p per click, sometimes more.

Other publishing programs include For certain websites (for example websites that have a non-tech-savvy target audience), may yield more money than AdSense in some cases. are basically ‘in-line text adverts’ where certain words or phrases as part of your website or blog content are made into a green underlined hyperlink which users are able to hover over, and a small JavaScript ‘widget-like’ window pops up above the hyperlink with an advertisement related to that word or phrase. For tech-savvy websites, this may not work too well but for other types of websites, for example computer help websites, it may work quite well revenue-wise.

If you are looking to advertise with a particular online retail store, often these companies will be with an affiliate marketing network such as Commission Junction. Commission Junction has many, many brands and retailers signed up with their affiliate network.

There’s also the eBay Partner Network.


In conclusion, there are many ways to make money on the Internet, whether that’s through freelancing work, to creating and owning a website but it’s not easy! Don’t fall for ‘quick rich’ schemes that advertise you can make easy money by ‘working for Google’. It takes time and patience, especially with owning a website. For many months you may not see any return in revenue on your website or blog but with the right Search Engine Optimization, your website or blog will, in time, become more highly ranked in Google. But it’s important to remember to add fresh new content to your website often especially if it is a blog. The reason being is because over time your higher listing for, say, a blog post you made on your blog will eventually go further down the search results as newer, fresher content is posted by another blog. So it’s important to keep fresh new content. The more original your article(s) or content is, the more likely you’ll find your search results higher in search listings at first, especially when your website or blog is new. So as a quick suggestion, especially for a blog, don’t publish articles that are widely talked about by other blogs at first. You won’t find your blog listed anywhere in search results for many of the key terms that users would search for. So at first perhaps restrict the articles you write to perhaps niche things relevant to what your blog is about. For example, if you own a tech blog you may want to keep the articles at first to fixes you’ve found to problems you’ve recently experienced with software, or maybe product reviews of certain hardware or software products you’ve recently tried out. That sort of thing.

We hope this article helps!