How do I get my blog well ranked in Google? (SEO)

How do I get my blog well ranked in Google? (SEO)

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From what we’ve learned from running blogs for many years, when you have a new blog, it’s important to talk about a certain niche of topics that can immediately get recognition in search results. If you’re posting an article or blog post on a hot subject, you’ll probably find you’ll be so far back in the listing you won’t get any return for the blog post. This is because other blogs that are deemed more relevant and more important by Google have been posting about that subject or product and so they are ranked first before your blog which has a lower search engine ranking.

You don’t need to be an SEO expert to understand the basic fundamentals of getting good search listings in Google – you just have to keep an eye on your search listings for your articles and start to understand which articles are working better for you. This doesn’t necessarily mean one particular subject is listed higher than the other, unless it is not as well talked about in regards to higher-ranked blogs. In general, when your blog is new, it’s best to talk about niche subjects at first if you want good search listings almost immediately or simply things that aren’t discussed by higher-ranking blogs. For example, instead of talking about the latest version of some hot product, you may want to, at first, keep your blog posts to fixes you’ve found for particular bugs in PHP for example or perhaps with a product you own, etc. And remember, make sure you bring fresh new content often, because eventually other blogs that talk about something you’re talking about will eventually replace your position in a search result and so it is important to continue blogging regularly with fresh new content. Eventually, Google will rank your blog higher and so it gives you greater flexibility on what you can talk about and even how highly-ranked you are for blog posts on things that aren’t well discussed by higher-ranking blogs or blog posts which have good a good search listing position.

However, that said, it is important to get back-links from other blogs and websites as well. The easiest way to do this is through submitting your site to directories. If your blog is being linked to from a highly-ranked directory or  blog, Google may start positioning your blog as more important since you’re getting back-links from well-recognised websites. Finding directories are relatively quite easy searching for them online. You’ll also find directories to submit to via the Internet Marketing Forum. Many people advertise their directories over at that forum so it may be a convenient way of finding directories to submit to. Linking to your blog via signatures via forums you go on (where allowed) definitely helps too. This will also help you get actual traffic too, from forum members that click your signature link.

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