How eUKhost has become the choice of 35,000 customers?

How eUKhost has become the choice of 35,000 customers?

How eUKhost has become the choice of 35,000 customers?

eUKhost has been at the forefront of UK web hosting for over 13 years. In this time we have grown to feature a customer base of over 35,000; with this in mind, we have a lot of people asking what we have done to reach this figure. We’ve put together some points that we truly believe help to explain what makes us one of the best hosting companies in the UK.

A wide portfolio of services

We have always aimed to provide a range of services for individuals and businesses of all sizes, and the variety of services that form our portfolio in 2015 show that no matter what your requirements are, we will be able to provide you a suitable service. With our roots in shared and reseller hosting, we have grown over the past 13 years to provide a number of different services including virtual server hosting and dedicated server hosting, along with a number of add-ons and extras in the process. No matter what your requirements are, you can rely on our varying portfolio to provide you with the services and add-ons that you need to sustain your online presence.

eNlight Cloud Platform

Our flagship cloud platform, eNlight, is one of the leading cloud platforms in the UK hosting market. Providing features such as the instant provisioning of virtual machines and the auto scaling of resources, eNlight is designed to provide system administrators with a fast and efficient way of deploying additional capacity to their infrastructures with minimal cost. eNlight provides businesses with a way of keeping control over how much they spend on hosting each month as it runs as a prepaid service with the costs of virtual machines being deducted from the account balance as the resources are consumed, no more is there any paying for unused resources. eNlight customers can also maintain control over how additional resources are used through the auto scaling mechanism, with the option to limit the level to which virtual machines are scaled.

Exuberant support

We have worked to build up our own in-house support team and by doing this as opposed to outsourcing, we are able to ensure that we provide some of the highest levels of customer service in the hosting industry. Based on our prophecy of offering Exuberant Support, all customers have access to a 24×7 support team through tickets support, live chat, and email. eUKhost’s support staff have all hold professional qualifications in their particular area of expertise and are trained to resolve customer queries fast and to minimise any potential downtime. With Exuberant Support, no matter if you have a shared web hosting plan or a cluster of dedicated servers, you are entitled to and will receive the same consistent high level of customer service.

Customer satisfaction

With a customer base totaling over 35,000, we are confident when we say that we do all we can to keep our customers happy. Customer satisfaction doesn’t simply revolve around providing customers with a high level of customer service – no, we also want every solution to meet the requirements of our customers in full. If you are unsure at all about which service is best for your needs, then our sales advisors will work with you to offer advice based on the specification that you provide; with all of our sales staff having a technical background, you can be confident that they will be able to fully understand and interpret your needs.


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