How Important Is Online Cloud Backup For Business Solutions?

How Important Is Online Cloud Backup For Business Solutions?


All businesses should have data protection plans in place so that if a situation arises that results in data loss, steps can be taken to restore service and any data that has been lost as quickly as possible to minimise disruption.

Backing up data is a crucial process because the operation of your business could be affected if you suffer data loss. The cloud can offer an ideal backup environment for any business as data hosted in the cloud is distributed across a cluster of servers to guarantee maximum data integrity; if one of the servers in the cloud crashes then your data won’t be impacted because there will be other servers available to fulfill the role of the machine that is unavailable.

If a pay-per-usage cloud environment is chosen then this could also offer cost benefits to businesses, as a company will only be paying for the disk space that they are using in the cloud and not any excess space that they may have allocated, but are not using otherwise.

Protecting Business Data

The operation of a business will be reliant on the data that it has access to. If employees are unable to access computer systems or documents that are stored electronically then this will render them unable to perform their duties properly. When storing business data electronically, a business should always have backup plans in place so if data loss occurs or access to the primary data storage location is affected then employees will still be able to access the information that they require.

The cloud can play an important role in the position of backup environment because it offers an expandable medium on which businesses can host their data whilst only paying for their overall disk space usage rather than having to pay for resources that are laying dormant.

A cloud backup environment from a reliable cloud storage company can boast up to 100% guaranteed uptime each month. Whilst choosing such companies can often result in a large bill, companies should never underestimate how valuable backup processes can be to business continuity when they are facing issues.

Purpose of Online Backup

Online backup solutions, the cloud in particular, offer a platform that can be accessed from a number of different devices. The modern employee will be using more than just a desktop computer to perform their job corporate mobile devices such as Blackberry’s and iPhones are now common place in most businesses; the result of this is a need for data to be accessible across all platforms so that information to assist an employee’s role is available whatever scenario they are presented with.

Hosting large amounts of data in a professional environment such as a data centre is also a lot more cost effective than hosting information on in-house servers; a data centre has been designed for the purpose of hosting servers and as the wholesaler, prices are often much cheaper than self-hosting.

One core rule of backups is that they are stored off-site. Cloud backups are one of the most easily accessible methods of off-site storage.

The cloud environment is vital to the business continuity plans of major businesses. In a cloud environment a company can store their files so that in the event of a disaster at their primary hosting location, data can be restored quickly to minimise the impact on business operations.