How Load balancing works

How Load balancing works

The most important thing that online business requires is running successfully business amongst their competitors is availability of a website. Due to downtime in availability business may loose their opportunities. Many web hosting provider make promises to their clients about a reliability in uptime but as the traffic increases the things gets complicated for a server to handle the generated load. To over come all the drawbacks hosting companies have developed Cloud hosting servers which are connected with a server network designed in such a manner to handle the load generated over a site. The concept that most of the cloud servers are using is called as Load balancing. To address the need for high availability and scalability, networks often use multiple parallel links to provide aggregate bandwidth greater than that available with a single link, parallel links are used. Load balancing occurs when traffic destined to a network is forwarded over multiple parallel paths.

Load balancing is a way through which a server sends a message to all other connected server over the network and in acknowledgment the server passes a single to pass on the generated traffic. The load can the be transferred to the server and serer over which the site is been hosted. In simple terms a load balancer is a software program which keeps checking for requests for services that arrive on a website. Once a request is received, it sends it to one of the servers in the group of servers supporting the website. Once the server responds, the load balancer sends it to the client who requested it. Round robin method works best because is a technique of load distribution, load balancing, or fault-tolerance provisioning multiple, redundant Internet Protocol service hosts, e.g., Web servers, FTP servers, by managing the Domain Name System’s (DNS) responses to address requests from client computers according to an appropriate statistical model. Round robin DNS is often used for balancing the load of geographically distributed Web servers.

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