How to add Domain in plesk control panel

How to add Domain in plesk control panel

If you have decided to publish your website on  World Wide Web then You must to register a unique domain name. After domain registration process you can add your unique domain name through Plesk control panel on a windows hosting. Plesk is easy and popular control panel for windows server hosting.

First you need to logging to your Plesk Control Panel. You will get your  plesk control panel logging details by your web hosting company.

Please use following steps to add your new domain name in your plesk control panel.

Login your Plesk control panel>>>
Now click on clients from the navigation bar on the left.

· Click the Domains shortcut in the navigation panel.

Click Add New Domains

Specify the domain name just as you have registered it. Leave the www check box selected if you wish to allow users to access your site by a common and habitual URL like

Having the www alias preceding your domain name will not cost you anything, but it will allow users to get to your site no matter what they type in their browsers: and will both point to your site.

If you have previously created a domain template and predefined all hosting features and resource usage allotments, select the required template from the Select template box.

If you have a number of IP addresses to choose from, select the required address from the Select an IP address drop-down box.

Bear in mind that e-commerce sites need a dedicated IP address (not shared among other sites) to implement Secure Sockets Layer data encryption.

Make sure that there is a check mark in the Proceed to hosting setup check box and click OK.

Select the Physical hosting option to host the Web site on this machine and click OK.

Control panel will set up the domain name server on this machine to serve the new domain name and prepare the web server to serve the new Web site.

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