How to block a website on your computer.

How to block a website on your computer.

If you would like to block a website from being viewed on your Windows computer, follow these steps:


First backup thehosts file.

Open hosts file there from the notepad.

At the end of the line you can see as per below. localhost

Append the following line at the end # replace the with the site name that you want to block.

then go to Start->Run-> type ipconfig /flushdns


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Note: That will only stop the domain name to go to the website but if you know the IP address of the site from dnsstuff or whois then you can browse the site.

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  1. Adam

    I usually block a websites from my Spyware, those having no spyware can Click the internet icon on the status bar and then-click restricted sites icon and add the websites you want to get blocked .

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