How to change reseller ownership

How to change reseller ownership

From the different measures of web hosting reseller hosting is counted as the most reliable and easy way to earn online and it is available in Windows and Linux platform. People all over the world are using Windows or cPanel reseller hosting package to earn good income online by deploying hosting packages under their own price and brand name. But some of them are unaware with of the facts which are useful to manage reseller hosting account to run successfully without any worries and one of the issues is, how to change reseller ownership. If you want to change the reseller ownership from your old reseller to a new account with the required user name and want to move all the domains which are under the older reseller to new then you need to change the ownership of all the accounts manually by using reseller center but you can easily change the reseller ownership by using following script.

For Example:
Old Reseller Username = supp0rt
New Reseller Username =supp0rt1

1) First you need to find out the user name which is under the old reseller ( supp0rt) account by using the following command
cd /var/cpanel/users
grep “OWNER=supp0rt” * -R | awk -F: ‘{print $1}’ > user_name
cat /var/cpanel/users/user_name

It shows all the user name (names) which is under the old reseller account.

2) Then create script file
vi /var/cpanel/users/
Then enter the following code
for user in `cat user_name`
/usr/bin/replace ‘OWNER=supp0rt’ ‘OWNER=supp0rt1’ — /var/cpanel/users/$user
Save the file
chmod 755/var/cpanel/users/
Now it’s Done.

Please login to your new reseller account and check all the accounts.

Note : Please don’t forget to replace the supp0rt as Old reseller name and supp0rt1 as New reseller UserName

Now it’s done and you have moved all your domains from your old cPanel reseller hosting account to a new account with all privileges. eUKhost UK web hosting service provider is deploying quality web hosting service with tech savvy tech and phone support people from last decade to solve any customer queries with UK reseller hosting, dedicated server hosting or with any other web hosting package.


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