Create a Website using Templates

Create a Website using Templates

How to create a website using templates?

The best thing about using templates is the reduction in tasks that needs to be done on a repetitive basis. It also enhances the tasks by offering a framework for achieving consistency. Users have been making use of the templates for emails, proposals, creation of website pages etc.

Usually when creating a website, a template is built first. Based on this template, the other web pages are created.

Now-a-days there are multiple web page editors available, that are equipped with pre-built templates which the users can customize according to the requirements. Furthermore, many hosting companies alongwith their affordable web hosting packages, do offer Sitebuilder for free.

Eukhost too is one among those companies that has such an offering for the customers, which is termed as SiteStudio. The templates included with it are high in quality, professional and easy to use. Take a look at the Tutorials here : Site Builder Tutorials

The designed templates are built by professionals with the use of multiple tools.

Few of those are :

  • HTML
  • Flash
  • Dreamweaver
  • Frontpage
  • Frames
  • No Frames

Users simply need to select the relevant theme and proceed with building their site.

Expert Suggestions

Select a template that makes use of :

  • HTML Navigation
  • CSS – Cascading style sheets

and as much as possible, keep the usage of following to the minimum:

  • Navigation that uses JavaScript
  • Image based Navigation
  • Limited to editors
  • Usage of Frames

Use of freely available web page Templates for building a Website

There are multiple places on the web from where you can download the templates for free. Such templates requires some major modifications before you can actually go ahead using them for your website.

Usually, such changes are more often required in Navigation structure and project/company logos.

Creating Templates on your Own

Though creating custom templates can be an option, but, it would mean spending some money on either recruiting people for that purpose, or outsourcing the task and getting things done from professional web developers and designers.

Alternately, you can also educate yourself with creating web pages and help yourself during future requirements.

For understanding the method of creating templates, you are required to learn the skills of web page layouts. In the past, this was done using tables. But now, we can see that most designers make use of CSS or tables and style sheets together.

CSS is considered to be more flexible in comparison to tables, sometimes making use of tables for the purpose of layouts and CSS for formatting can provide multiple benefits to users. From a search engine optimization (SEO) perspective, experts recommend the use of CSS for building webpages, as the search engines are able to crawl such websites better.

But during the early stages when you are low on budget and still wish to establish your own website, one of the better alternatives could be WordPress Hosting. WordPress offers plenty of free templates in the form of themes, which you can customize according to your choices.

This is one of the preferred choices on the web. You can simply opt for a web hosting package that offers WordPress scripts for free and get along with creating your own website in minutes.