How to create mailing lists in Plesk

How to create mailing lists in Plesk

A control panel is an interface provided to users to manage their hosting account including website settings, domains, email accounts, etc. Most control panels come with a graphical user interface (GUI) so that even layman users can easily manage their hosting accounts. With a GUI interface, the tools and options are denoted by easy to understand graphical icons.

There are many control panel’s namely cPanel, plesk, dotnet panel etc. Considering a Windows server, the control panel that is mostly used would be Plesk control panel or the dotnet control panel. Most web hosting providers provide Plesk or DotNetPanel with their Windows hosting packages.

Let us now see how to create Mailing list in Plesk.

Once you have logged into your Plesk control panel account you get the default options icons on the homepage like Reports, Limits, Preferences etc under the Domain option, Mail, Mailing Lists, DNS etc under the Services option etc.

Step 1: Click on the Mailing Lists option provided. In the mailing list option, under the TOOLS option you get sub-options like Add New Mailing List and Disable. Under the Mailing List option below the Tools option, you see that there are currently no mailing lists in this account

Let us now create a mailing list now,

Step 2: Click on the Add New Mailing List option, fill the required details:

*Mailing List name – Enter the desired name for the mailing list.

*Mailing list administrator’s email – Enter the administrator’s email address.

*Notify the administrator of the mailing list creation – Decide if you wish to send email confirmation to the administrator of the list’d creation and tick the box provided besides the option.

Once you have filled the required details, click the OK button.

Let’s add new member to the mailing list.

Step 3: Under the new created mailing list you get the option ‘Add New Member’ click on the option. Once clicked, add the new members email address, and click OK button. You have now successfully added a new member to the list.

Click on the > Mailing Lists option provided at the top of the page. You will see that you have a mailing list in this account.

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