How to decrease Web site Load Time ?

How to decrease Web site Load Time ?

It is a common scenario where even the regular visitors tend to get frustrated with a webpage which takes longer to load. By decreasing the website load time, businesses can ensure that the visitors are served well and increase the chances of getting potential customers and repeated visitors as well. The following should help you decrease the Website Load Time and serve the web-pages faster.


Making use of optimized images

You can find the required tools in your graphic editing program. Those tools can help you with optimizing your website images to best suit the online use. The tools hold the capability to compress the images to almost eighty percent without disturbing its quality but decreasing the file size.

Use of static images instead of animations

In comparison to animated videos and graphics, static images take remarkably less time to load. The use of static images within your webpages can make the page lighter hence making it faster to be loaded in the browser.

Large images to be replaced with thumbnails

Thumbnails are nothing but a shrunken versions of your images. If you take an overview, at most places large images are not at all essential. If you still insist on keeping the large images, you can provide an option to users where they can click on the thumbnail to view a larger image. This technique would further add to your efforts of increasing the speed of your website.

Making adjustments to the tables to load the webpages gradually

Divide the web-page content in smaller chunks of data to help the page load faster. This should keep the visitor interested until the rest of the page gets loaded.

Use of common files for images

This actually helps in two ways. One that, it eliminates the possibility of image duplication. Secondly, the users web browser is able to find the images with minimum efforts which in-turn results in faster page loads.

Check the Web Hosting server hosting your website

There might be occasions where the server on which your website is hosted, is slow. So it is a good practice to monitor the site speed on a regular basis. This might be a pointer for either upgrading your web hosting package or making a switch to other host who offers good services.

Assigning Limits to database queries

This does not mean that you need to control the total volume of queries or calls to a database. You only need to assign limits to the total number of queries to be allowed to any particular webpage. Keeping a to-the-point information on the index page, and having an easy navigation structure can help your index page to be accessed real fast.

Search engines too have started giving more priority to the website’s load time, however, a slow website means a chance of a potential loss of sales, whereas, a website with a faster load percentage would mean, the visitors can go through the information quickly. This would indeed give better chances of conversion. It is a good practice to check the websites load time on a regular basis in various browsers of-course.