How to enable HotLink Protection in Plesk

How to enable HotLink Protection in Plesk

Control panel is a tool provided for users to simplify their efforts in the management of their account, website, domains etc. A control panel is generally graphical user interface which makes the management of the account easy even for a person who is using it for the first time. Most of the options are denoted by some graphical icons for better understanding.
There are many control panel’s namely cPanel, plesk, dotnet panel etc.
Considering a Windows server, the control panel that is mostly used would be Plesk control panel or the dotnet control panel. Most web hosting providers provide Plesk or DotNetPanel with their Windows hosting packages.

Hotlink protection allows you to prevent others from linking directly to images or files on your site from their site. Aside from illegally using your images, they would also be using your bandwidth.

Let us know see hoe to enable Hotlink Protection in Plesk.

Once you have logged in your Plesk control panel you get the default options icons on the homepage like Reports, Limits, Preferences etc under the Domain option, Mail, Mailing Lists, DNS etc under the Services option etc.

Step 1:  Under the Hosting (Domain has physically on IP address …) you get the option of Hotlink protection. Click on the option provided there.

Step 2: Once you have entered the hotlink protection option, you see that the current status of the holink protection is ‘disabled’. Click on the ENABLE option provided under ‘tools’ option there.

Step 3: If there are any additional file types that you would like to protect from hotlinking, enter the extensions in the ‘Protected File extensions’ box provided under the Preferences options.
You can also manage the list of Friend Domains that contains the names of the domain from which refering to your domain is allowed. Just enter the domain name in the box provided besides the Friend Domain option, and click the Add button.

It is just as easy to remove the domain from the list. Just select the domain and click the Remove button provided.

You can return to the hotlink option and disable the hotlink protection.

These steps will help you to protect your files from being used by unauthorized sites.

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