How to Get Links from .edu Sites

How to Get Links from .edu Sites

The .edu links count in the level of trust and hence it can enhance the power of the inbound links into particular domain. If you have good academic subject and relevant content knowledge and excellent writing skills you can get easily links from some of these valuable sites. For example if you check this site and try to navigate through their “about us” page you can see “website index” at the bottom, looking into this you will find they have listed few links of other than educational sites such as,, means if you solicit them providing some useful information they can link with you. Here are some ideas that you may wish to implement;

* Write articles in the field of higher education institutional networking, career counseling and quality higher education system and try to contact the responsible authority of few relevant .edu sites, take their appointment to discuss about your article and request them to have a look on that.

* If you visit an .edu sites that you think which have not well optimized or not complying with the web standards, try to contact the authority and offer them free help for redesigning and minor changes that particular site may require.

* If you can afford try to give some donation to institution or sponsor for scholarship for poor students.

* Try to sponsor events and relevant programs offering financial support through your company name.

* If you have blog, start some useful topic for students like yoga, exercise, sports, career counselling articles and discuss about it in relevant social networking site such as facebook.

* Take one or two hour free classes in the academic field that you are expertise. Don’t forget these students can be your future customers and can bring more business for you.

* Visit your old college where you have graduated and discuss with teaching faculty about your business.

* Post a part time job for something like content writer, internships and other entry level jobs on college job board and others relevant educational sites.

* Run a program that supports student clubs/hobby classes/dance classes, Offer online competitions, gift, and discounts to student groups.
Please feel free to add more points that you think best to attract links from .edu sites.




  1. Bob

    @mdgweb, Well, but there should be a parameter for a website to be eligible for getting links from .edu sites otherwise any p0rn or viagra sites will also buy links from such site and influence linking process, probably that is the reason what I feel that google is in correct step for taking hard move on both link buying and link selling sites. Just my thought. :)

  2. mdgweb

    I have a site with good relative content for Universities, (resumes and cover letters) I managed to get a few .edu links but had a hard time finding Schools that would allow me a apply for a one-way link. I came across edulinker a site that has researched Universities that are looking to expand their link listings with quality content sites. I applied to 100 Universities and so far received about 14 one way links, all with PR6+ rankings. Each application took a little time, but well worth it!

  3. Bob

    The easiest way is to get such link by paying some one, but I would not suggest some one to buy it, let the process go on to get the natural link overtime, yes it is hard to get but it is possible.

  4. Lots of useful tips which one may implement for getting the .edu links but don’t you think Bob that it is not all that easy to get that valuable .edu link which everyone tries for especially before the PR update?

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