How to install PhpMyChat Script Manually?

How to install PhpMyChat Script Manually?

PhpMyChat is a PHP based script, it is very easy-to-install and can create a multi-room chat system using a database as the content storage. Lets go through the steps, in order to install the PhpMyChat on your virtual private server :

1) Open the below URL and download the following zip file –

2) Enter the directory in which you wish PhPMyChat to be installed in the mentioned field. Note that the directory should be the top-level directory on your website.

3) Setting the database:

Name of database :
Username :
Yes to password :yes
Enter Password :
Confirm Password :
Host :localhost
Yes to create :yes
Create Another :no
Exit :0

4) Open your favourite browser, and go to
Replace ( with your domain name.
Now, choose Go for the auto setup.

5) Now you need to fill the database with the particular information:
database name=yourdatabasename,
Choose Go to continue the setup

6) Fine Tuning Options:
Choose the options you wish and once it is done simply Click Ok.

7) Now, Go to Admin Register Panel
Here you will require to enter a login and password to use for chat database admin.

8) When it is driven, just copy and paste the produced text file into your choice of text editor.

9) Now, edit that text file with your login and password of the database.

10) Save the text file by giving the name config.lib.php3

11) Once it is done, simply move the text file into the following folder:

That’s it!

Now you can open your chatroom ready at

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