How To Integarte Cerberus Helpdesk With Modernbill?

How To Integarte Cerberus Helpdesk With Modernbill?

Integration of Cerberus HelpDesk with ModernBill is very easy. This post will show you how to embed the Support Center inside ModernBill.

1) After installation of Cerberus & Modernbill log into Cerberus Helpdesk and create a new Public GUI Profile:

Configuration > Public GUI Profiles (under Public Tools) > Create Public GUI Profile.

2) Fill in the standard profile data (profile name, company name, e-mail address, etc.)

3) Select ModernBill v4 Login Handler from the Login Plugin pulldown.

4) Select the queues associated with this profile under Public GUI Queues.

Enable the following modules:

  • Knowledgebase (Optional)
  • Open Ticket
  • Track Open Tickets
  • Welcome (Optional)
  • Contact Us (Optional)

5) Save the Public GUI Profile by clicking on the “Submit” button.

Make sure remember the Profile ID number displayed at the top of the page after you have clicked the “Save” button.

6) Enable the Login Plugin for ModernBill.

Configuration > Manage Plugins (under Plugins) > ModernBill v4 Login Handler

7) Enter the information for your ModernBill database and save.

8) Edit the support-center/cerberus-support-center/config.php file.

Set the following constants:

DB_*: Set to your Cerberus Helpdesk database login details.

PROFILE_ID: The Profile ID you created above.

WEB_URL: The URL to your ModernBill installation. ( If you set this to support-center (the default) then your system will report an error.

BASE_URL: Set to user.php?op=menu&tile=mysupport (Should look like this: define(“BASE_URL”, WEB_URL . “user.php?op=menu&tile=mysupport”);) It is easiest to simply delete the current line and uncomment out the the line above this one, as it is correct.

9) Save the config.php file.

The cerberus-support-center/embed/modernbill/modernbill_config.php file should automatically set the path to your Support Center installation. If it does not work properly you may edit this file and manually override the path. If required, you will only need to uncomment out the line that begins with CER_MB_FILESYSTEM_PATH and enter the correct path.

10) Move the following files from cerberus-support-center/extras/modernbill/ into the include/html/custom directory in ModernBill:

11) Edit the three files above and change the value of the $cerberus_install_url variable to the full path where the Support Center files are installed on your web server.

12) Log into ModernBill. Click on the �Get Support� button.

13) Now the Cerberus Support Center is embedded in ModernBill.

14) The Knowledge base entries and all other functions are performed by the agent in the HelpDesk.

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