How To Make Your Visitors Return To Your Website

How To Make Your Visitors Return To Your Website

Make Your Visitors Return To Your Website

There are many simple things that make your website interesting and make your visitors return to your website. You need to learn these simple techniques and tips to make your website sticky and interesting so that you get massive web traffic.

Some of the techniques of making the website content attractive are having special web pages for Daily News and What’s New in your website. What’s New page can simply consist of anything new that you have added to your website which will update the users with interesting information. It is important that the What’s New page should be accessed through the homepage of your website. So, when the visitors come to your site, they don’t have to go through the whole site to check out What’s New.

Hereafter, you can influence repeat-traffic by sending out e-mail campaign to your regular website visitors with notifications of the latest additions to your What’s New section. If you are successful in doing this, you can send them the latest information via e-mail and, therefore, make your visitors return to your website and be a part of it.

Giving Away Gifts On Your Website

All website visitors are always looking for free gifts and awards. While giving away gifts like free e-books, coupons, and softwares, make sure that you are offering something interesting to the visitors you are targeting. Once you have the freebies to give away, your website also gets linked and listed on various sites on the Internet that suggests the people where they can get attractive gifts and goodies.

You need not give away gifts to each visitor to your site. You can have a lucky draw, may be once in a week. You can also give away some good and famous restaurant’s free coupons. Also, keep an expiration date on the coupons, so the visitors use it without any delay and comeback to your site for more coupons. This will attract more web traffic to your website. If possible, change the gifts that you give away after a specific period and let the visitors know about it.

You can also add some interesting trivia, calendar of events, and special news about the latest topics in your niche. You can even add blogs, podcasts, and RSS feeds to your website which makes it more interesting.

Advertising Your Products

Once people like your website and visit it more often, you can advertise your products. More the visitors, then more are the chances of them buying these products. Also, the brand that you are advertising gets reinforced more. The visitors also feel that they are a part of your website.

Once your visitors trust you and your website, they do business with you freely. They are more likely to advertise your website and the brands that you sell. This makes your website and products viral. Thus, your website will be most likely to be remembered when these visitors decide to buy products and become your loyal customers.

Contests And Competitions On Your Website

Adding a good an interesting competition or a contest on your website will boost your chances of getting more quality traffic. Keep a contest on your website once a week, or a month to get repeat visitors.

It is a good idea of giving out one of your products or a valuable subscription to your ezine with the gift to the winner. This will also advertise your product and if the customers like it, then they will definitely buy more products again. Keep your contest open to anyone and everyone. There should also not be any limit for number of times a visitor can take part.

Make sure, that there are no legal issues that may concern you in future. For example, you may not be allowed to hold lotteries on the website, even if your website originates in a country where it could be legal to have lotteries on your site. If you wish to target the US and UK readers, then you must follow the law of these countries. If you do not, then your website could get banned in these countries.

So, before continuing with anything, just research on the internet and be on the safe side while holding contests. If possible, notify every participant about the result of the contest and add a link to your website in the same e-mail about the latest news or new contests of the future. Therefore, the visitors return to your website again with great expectations.

Putting Proper Links On Your Website

You have to be careful about how to add and where to add links on your website. Any outbound links should not be placed on the homepage of your website. Place them in such a way, that the visitors cannot get to those link unless they see all the information on your webpage. Make your website’s own hyperlinks more prominent and include such internal links in the content.

High-Quality Content

Once you make visitors return to your website using several options listed above, the next step is to make your website sticky and convert them from visitors to customers. For this, you need to have high-quality content on your website as the first criteria. After all, a great website is something which exceeds the visitor’s expectations.

If your website has high-quality content, then your website visitors will see you as an expert leader in that niche topic. High-quality content will keep your visitors on your website for a longer time. The longer they stay, the more they trust you and your website, and more are the chances that they do more business with you. High quality content converts into high profits!

Images Sell Products

You need to show the images of your products on your web pages. You should have all the details of the products that you want to sell. These details will help your visitors understand the product, why do they need your product, and how your product can save their money and time.

Hence, you must always concentrate on not just getting visitors, but getting them to revisit your website more! Then, focus on converting them into repeat customers! Remember to do everything to make your visitors return to your website more often. If you have great content and help your visitors to get solutions to their problems, then making them return to your website more often will be an easy task!

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