How to Monetize Your Website Traffic

How to Monetize Your Website Traffic

Monetizing Your Website Traffic

Why is monetizing of your website traffic important? The present day fierce competition in the field of E-commerce has made establishing your own E-commerce site very difficult. As more internet marketers have entered this broad niche in search of money-making opportunities, the already saturated field is getting denser with hundreds of new E-commerce site coming up every day.

The search engine optimization methods used by them to monetize the website traffic to their own websites are also adding to the intense competition for your E-commerce website.

Website traffic is, of course, the lifeline of online businesses. The increase in massive website traffic means profit-making opportunities, while decreasing website traffic or an absence of website traffic will definitely stop these opportunities. Increased website traffic represents more opportunities of selling your products. But, your website should be well optimized to convert this website traffic into paying customers. This optimization will help you to make money out of the traffic that your website receives.

Making Money out of your website traffic

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If your blog or your website has top quality content that will help solve your visitors problems in any way, then you should monetize your website to really sell those solutions and make a profit. Any E-commerce site that competes with your E-commerce website will definitely have similar problem-solving products for sell. So, analyze those competitors websites first and find any loopholes in their website and create a better website than those sites.

You can check for page title, keywords, Meta tags, keyword density, content, linking strategy, writing style, and even color combinations of those websites and come up with better overall web design. You can use the pay-per-click (PPC) and other advertisements in a better way. Use of social bookmarking websites, Craig’s list, Yahoo advertisements, and other such methods can guarantee a generation of targeted website traffic to your website.

Massive targeted website traffic means more paying customers and more sales. Better advertisement campaign will ensure that more prospective customers will visit rather than more visitors that only scan your site without actually buying anything. Use these advertisements to turn the thousands of searchers to your website.

There are literally millions of web searchers searching for products, especially solutions to their problems. There are hundreds of searchers that search your niche products. Channel them to your E-commerce website with effective advertisements and generate profit. The world is indeed a huge online marketplace that needs careful planning and tapping the market that contains these money-spending customers.

Generating money-spending website traffic is still not an easy task. There are many world-wide competitors in your niche market to watch too. But, with excellent marketing tactics, search engine optimization, great products and advertisements, and great content will help you overcome every type of competition and become successful in generating vast and continuous website traffic.

Apart from the external advertisement campaigns to attract massive website traffic to your website, you can monetize your website though the use of Google’s Adsense, Kontera’s relevant and contextual advertisements that are based on your web page’s keywords, Yahoo’s Publisher Network Ads, selling links using the various link broker websites, selling advertisement space on your web pages, advertising cost-per-action advertisements, the new pay-per-play advertisements, and many such revenue generating programs.

Selling you own products for cent percentage profits or affiliate products for commissions up to 100 percent of the affiliate products costs, selling ebooks, creating viral ebook campaigns, appointing affiliates, giving away master resell permissions for your products, offering paid services, and getting the visitors to subscribe to your opt-in subscription for free gifts, ezines, online newsletters, and other e-mail campaigns will further monetize your E-commerce website.

These are just a few ways that any new E-commerce website can employ to monetize the traffic to their website. You can use a combination of the above on-page and off-page (external) advertisement methods and generate an optimum income from the website traffic.

Of course, monetizing a website and the website traffic requires skill and hard work, but a motivated internet marketer will overcome all difficulties and become successful and wealthy with the use of these proven methods. Therefore, monetizing of your website traffic is extremely important to make money from your website, and also to sell quality products to your web traffic and help them solve their problems.


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