How To Rank an Affiliate Site in Google Search Engine?

How To Rank an Affiliate Site in Google Search Engine?

Affiliate websites and programs provides excellent money-making opportunities for beginners looking for ways to earn easy money online. However, recently Google Panda has hit such affiliate sites so hard. In this article, we are going to see, what does Google consider a “Thin Affiliate Site” and how to rank an affiliate website for a long-term benefits in Google search engine.

Back in the early 2000’s, affiliate sites were a website creator’s dream. Usually, people used to create an affiliate website, included the affiliate links, and then the promote the site while adding content for the search engines. At that time, affiliate marketing was not less than gold for many good website creators. However, the popularity of the money-making technique diluted the search engine results, and Google has taken action against thin affiliates.

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What is Thin Affiliate?

Thin affiliates are a kind of websites that consists of a very little content with many affiliate links within the small amount of content pages. Most of the webmasters believe that having much more content will compensate for a thin affiliate website’s poor ranking. However, content can still be thin and of little substance even with 500, 600 or 1000 words. For this reason, an affiliate website owner must ensure that the content is not unique, but it is also useful and offers value to the site audiences. The days of throwing up content for the sake of having words on a screen are gone, and affiliate websites must make an effort to offer valuable content to readers to rank for a long-term in Google’s search engine.

What you should do to increase and maintain rank for an affiliate website?

Find a niche that is well known for you, because not knowing the subject puts you at a disadvantage against other websites. Build a website on a subject that you know so well that you can write at a beginner, intermediate and advanced level such as “web host uk” a popular and well known niche. Although the web hosting niche is well known to everyone, you still has a scope in it, as web hosting is a basic need for establishing a website online. You can also come up with new ideas that are not already saturating the search engine index.

Don’t rush your rank with cheap marketing schemes such as purchased backlinks, spam or cloaking. Rather, build a good network with readers and other people in the industry, provide advice to people and focus on your readers. As readers become more interested and finds your content as valuable, backlinks will come eventually.

Instead of focusing on search engines, keep adding valuable content to your site. Keep track of your site traffic, and take a note of popular pages, so you can add some more contetn based on your readers’ behaviors.

What you should not do?

Never rewrite or scrape others’ content. This leads to duplicate content or spun content issue, which will get devalued by search engines. Always ensure that you offer original and valuable information to your readers wrote by yourself or written by a experienced professional.

Ensure, avoiding use of spun content and the content that you throw up just to have it indexed by search engines. In other words, write useful content to offer it only for the readers, so that they will stay long on your site and keep reading. Google Panda has notoriously devalued those websites having poor quality content and which is written only for the search engines.

Always remember that objective behind launching a backlink campaign should be to gain more readers  and not game the Google PageRank system. Links that you purchase can be devalued, and Google has been sending notices to website owners who buy links on other sites.

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Affiliate website can definitely rank better in Google Search Engine, but it’s an uphill battle that needs fresh, high-quality, useful, unique and valuable content. Investing some time in gaining some knowledge of the topic and with some hard work you can certainly rank an affiliate website higher in search engine and make good money on commission sales.

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