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How to register a domain name?

How to register a domain name?

1. If you are interested in registering a domain name, find a registrar and search for the name in which you are interested and see whether it is available or not. With the rapid growth in web business, many popular domain names have already been taken. Many webmasters then get creative domain names by adding hyphens or numbers to their domain names. If you are also unable to get your preferred name, then you can use such creative methods using hyphens and numbers.

2. During the process of domain name registrations you should decide what top level domain you want to be. The most popular search is for .com and .net domains. But you can also search for .uk, .biz, .org, .info etc.

3. Once you select the domain name you need to decide the duration you want to hold that domain. Many registrars offer these services from one year to ten years. They also offer the opportunity to renew the domain if the contract expires.

4. Cost of this will vary depending upon the tenure you selected for the contract. To get the best deal its important for you to take a reference before you buy a domain name.

5. The most difficult part in domain name registration is choosing the best domain name. It is better to choose a domain which is easy to remember and also it should match your business. It will be best if there is one of the keyword or main word involved in domain name.

6. Including all this you should follow the rules of domain registrations. Copyrighted words or terms are not allowed in domain names; if you do use these then you could face legal problems.
7. Remember to keep your domain name under 67 characters as this is the maximum length allowed for domain names.

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