How to use and access webmail

How to use and access webmail

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The term Webmail is also called as Web-based e-mail which is been provided by a web hosting service provider to its clients with windows as well with cPanel hosting packages to send and receive emails over their hosting account. Webmail is basically described in two manner, One use of the word is to describe the term Webmail client: Which is an email client implemented as a web application by hosting provider and accessed via any web browser. The other use of this word is to describe an email service offered through a web site in general like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail. Many web hosting service providers provide a web mail client as part of their hosting service included in the package.

Now lets see some steps to access Webmail,

Both the web hosting platforms like Windows and cPanel hosting supports Webmail  but the way and procedures are different. You can use either the Webmail interface or an email client. If you need help configuring email clients, please visit the step-by-step guides for configuring MS outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird.

You can also access your Webmail interface by just visiting:, where ‘’ is your actual domain name. If in any case it is not working then it might be possible that your ISP is blocking the access to non-standard ports accessed through SSL connection. Also Get access to your Webmail through Port number like mail.yourdomainname:2095 and you can choose between three webmail clients: Horde, SquirrelMail and RoundCube. It is up to you to choose which one you like better.

eUKhost UK Web hosting service providers are been deploying services from last decade to and offers services to clients which includes Horde, SquirrelMail, RoundCube and Smarter mail to send and receive emails with unlimited storage capacity.