Identifying a Valuable Domain Name for your Website

Identifying a Valuable Domain Name for your Website

Regardless of the Industry or niche, getting yourself an appropriate domain name plays a vital importance for any business entrepreneur. It is your identity over the world wide web and a brand that would be referred by your customers and users. But, if you try to find an excellent domain name suitable for your business, you would realize that most of those domains have already been registered. Though there still are some that are readily available and using appropriate techniques one should easily be able to find valuable domain names relatively easily. There are number of newbie webmasters who register domain names for wrong reasons.

In this article we have tried to explain you the ways to determine if a domain name is actually valuable.


Keywords and SEO Attributes for Domain Names

An ideal method of finding a domain-name that has a greater value is to find out names containing the keywords that are searched more often. Such domains hold the capability of generating potential traffic almost instantly, moreover there are minimal efforts that needs to be taken on such domains. Domain names containing the keywords are referred to as an ‘exact match domains’, and are the most desirable ones among the list. Such domains offers an ability to webmasters to instantly capitalize on organic search engine traffic, without the need for carrying out every usual SEO activity. You may also manage to find few domains that have expired recently but still hold various SEO attributes such as backlinks and PageRank. Buying such recently expired domain names can be a good way of finding valuable domains.

Aspect of Commerciality and Profitability in Finding Domain Names

An important aspect when looking for domain name is its aspect of commerciality. Even if you are able to find an exact match domain, it should be something that holds a good commercial value. Most would agree that, there are certain keywords that are more likely to be searched when an individual is looking to purchase a product or service, whereas some other keywords are often searched with a purpose of simply getting some information. Lets consider an example, a domain name “” holds a much lesser commercial value that “”, here the second domain is more likely a keyword which is being searched by an individual who probably wishes to register a domain name hence has a better chance of conversion.


Not to mention that, a domain name must be such that it can be remembered easily and is relevant to the theme of the website. This would not only help visitors to remember it, but can be easily shared among individuals, hence enabling returning visitors and gaining popularity easily. Alternatively, one may use an exact match domain name which broadly covers the niche, with this you get a scope to use multiple keywords within the content of your site which is relevant to the products or services you offer. This would enable you to concentrate on a broader spectrum of niche keywords and attract an increasingly larger volume of traffic over the web in the long-term.

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