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Import External Blog into WordPress

Import External Blog into WordPress

How to import an external blog into WordPress

There are multiple instances when bloggers opt for third party hosted, external blogging systems such as, LiveJournal, TypePad etc. for carrying out the blogging activity. This may be due to many reasons, more commonly due to lack of funds and limited knowledge about hosting.

Once, you’ve got a hold of hosting a website and managing a blog, you can opt for your own WordPress Hosting blog.

Incase you are among those individuals who have a blog created with and wish to switch to a self hosted WordPress Blog, then the following tutorial is just that can help you. If you have taken a lot of efforts on the external blog(s) by adding multiple informative articles that you believe must be fetching good traffic, then, you can look forward to getting yourself an affordable web hosting package that supports WordPress platform.

WordPress offers such users the ability to import the articles, images and the comments that are posted on free blogging systems. It is a completely automated process hence involves rare scope for data loss. What you cannot import are the widgets that you have added to the sidebar. Though the Labels are converted into categories in WordPress.

Steps to import a blog into WordPress

Step aLogin to the WordPress administrator area

Step b Go to Tools



Step cSelect Import

Step dHere you’ll find a list of External blogging systems. Choose the appropriate website from which you wish to Import the data (in this case ‘Blogger’)





Step e – Login to your Google account


Step f Now you need to Authorize the transfer process, by granting access to WordPress. Hit the “Grant Access” tab to proceed further.


Step gIncase you have multiple blogs within the Blogger account, all would be listed in the window. Select the “Import” option shown in front of the one you wish to migrate over to WordPress.



Step h Now you need to map the author since there are different usernames in Blogger and WordPress.

Upon completion of the above stated procedure, you can sit back and relax as the rest of the procedure would be handled automatically.


WARNING : Google is known for penalizing websites with duplicate content. Hence, you must ensure that before you make your self hosted WordPress site is made active, the articles and the content on your previously hosted free blogging system gets de-indexed from Google’s database.


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