Importance of Cryptography in Digital World

Importance of Cryptography in Digital World

Cryptography in digital world offers three core area that protect you and your data from attempt theft, theft or an unauthorise use of your data and possible fraud. Cryptography cover these essential area; authentication, integrity, and confidentiality

Authentication; Authentication is a process in Cryptography that offers certificates as a solution, which are called “digital IDs,” coz they can be used to verify the identity of someone you don’t know. Hence it is upto you to decide whether someone is authentic or not.

Integrity; Integrity is about how you protect your data, corresponding to that certificates it can be used in another technique that’s “digital signatures”, to ensure that nobody can impersonate you.

One can easily forge email, but its very hard to forge a digitally signed email message and so on it’s hard for someone to modify or manipulate a message that you have digitally signed.

Confidentiality; By using Cipher you can keep your information secret especially when you send sensitive data over a network. How can you be sure that nobody finds out about your financial transactions, or your personal records, or your other secret information?

It can give you solution through “cipher”. A cipher is intelligent system that know how to encrypt and decrypt data. Before you send sensitive data over a network, or store it on a disk, you can encrypt it, which turns it unreadable. If you need the data again, you can use the cipher to decrypt the data. Now you are the only person that can be able to decrypt the data.

If you’re sending data to someone, you can ensure that only that person is able to decrypt the message. Also It is important to learn about key data management, public and private key encryption, and how to includes a secure talk application that encrypts all data sent over the network.

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