Importance Of Keyphrase Rich Content

Importance Of Keyphrase Rich Content

Your homepage should offer users a clear starting point and gateway to your site’s inner pages; hence your homepage should be a markup for your optimizing phase. For your homepage optimization, you need to identify the top 4 or 5 keyword phrases that potential visitors are going to use to find your site. Use those keyword phrases within 200 to 250 words on your homepage text – not the other way around. You may consider following the same approach to create contents of other pages. From the point of view of both, users and SEO, a particular page should have relevant heading and specific title that best matches with your content, the search engines give more importance to these aspects. It is beneficial to place your product or service in short descriptive sentences that contain most important and targeted keywords.

Also keep a short list of recent features on the homepage, and supplement it with a link to a permanent archive of all other homepage features. This will make it easy for users to navigate to those pages and find the enlisted features.


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